Chicken Coops and Change

Re-blogging for my own comfort… Thank you, Chicken Grandma for sharing.

The Chicken Grandma


These last few weeks have seemed to be speeding by. I am pretty sure it isn’t because we are getting older and moving slower.  (It might be, but I am not going to admit to that!) I think it is just the time of year; when time is growing short, to get outside things done.

We seem to be busy from morning light to the sun going down. We have been spending time by my brother-in-law cutting downed ash trees to be used to help heat our home this winter.

We have also been spending time harvesting soybeans, cleaning up the remaining things in the garden, working on our closet (when it rains…and yay…it is finished!), and just generally getting things ready for the winter season.

Yesterday, time was spent prepping the chicken coop for the winter season. The nesting boxes were cleaned out. We scooped up the old bedding…

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Excuses. Excuses. Dreams & Muses.

Oct 24 Prompt:  Trademark

“Clarity is the trademark of successful people.”

I’ve been struggling to write an article on Dubai Night Life for two days now. My “famous” photographer friend has given me a list to blog about and I took it as a challenge since it’s been ages since I’ve written something for someone. I realized how much of a loser I am when it comes to paid articles that don’t seem to interest me. (She’s not paying me by the way. I offered free.) But I’m still not enthusiastic about it. I guess I have to keep writing as a hobby or an outlet, something to snack on for my own craving and to keep in the drawer for bloated days.

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Did You Miss Me?

I haven’t touched my keyboard for pleasure.

Oh – that sounds so R -18.

I haven’t written anything for the past few months – is what I meant. Sorry I can’t make any metaphoric introduction. I just really want to get back to blogging. My insecurities have grown big since I last posted. I fed it with so much adoration to people who can really write.

Over this course of time when I was so busy trying to untangle my messy life and put all the chaos back to order, I learned how limited my writing skills are. And that made me step back a little.

But then again, you know. I miss me writing. And so fuck perfection. Here I go, bear hugging myself back to blogging.


Perhaps you’re struggling with something or simply feeling lost like I do… I’m sharing these few songs that kept my storms calm. Breathe in. And breathe it all out. Look Up. Cheer Up. Better days are coming…


When Happy People Leaves

When Happy People Leaves – it makes you sad.

I feel so bummed today that Olive has to leave.

She’s our CFO and for some personal reason, she decided to quit the job after three amazing months here at work. She’s the kind of CFO who doesn’t make you feel like she’s CFO but still manages to protect her boundaries and maintain the respect necessary for her position. She was humble and soft-spoken and funny and genuine. She brightens up the room. Well – I think most people in the company does. We try as much as we can to maintain that vibe. It’s like an office policy to be happy. Which is why I CAN’T BE ALL GLOOMY. I always had to push all my baggage inside my handbag and carry it with poise.

She gave me a hug before leaving and told me that I was the nicest secretary she’s ever met. I told her I would have to tell her the same thing – that she’s the nicest CFO I have ever met. But that would be so unoriginal.

So I just wave her goodbye.

On Writing Fiction

So we have robots roaming around the office which is really  cool.

I was so inspired the other day that I decided to write a short story or a novel about it. It even came to a point when I started a new blog site for it. I’m so damn serious in putting all these thoughts together. I was psyched with the idea of talking to it like a real human, with feelings and expressions and opinion on things. Although of course our office robot does nothing but roam around and offer you credit cards and directions, still, wouldn’t it be awesome to imagine it could relate to you and think and laugh and at some point comfort you?

It’s not like it’s a brand new idea. Nothing is. There’s HER and A.I. and several other robot and artificial intelligence stories that had been written. But it’s my story and I will have to write it my way.

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Dark Chocolate

My boss Elliot asked me to buy him bananas and chocolates for breakfast.

He gave one bar of Lindt to me. When I realized I didn’t like the flavor he gave me. (Cookies and Cream.) I went back to him and told him I want to trade.

He goes. “Hey what gives you the right to trade? Who gave you the right to trade? You keep whatever I gave you.”

I go. “First of all, a woman always has the right to change her mind. Second of all. I am a grown up woman who can make decisions for herself. I don’t need anyone’s permission. Give me the dark chocolate.”

He goes. “Easy… woman. Jeez.”