“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

Mission Accomplished. Today, with the help of the charming Mr. Persian (one of my boss), I have finally purchased the design I have been eyeing for days now, called “Janice” which reminds me of this annoyingly funny character from Friends. I think I got it with a very reasonable price and I am blessed to have a boss who don’t act like one. He helped me snag this theme with his MasterCard because my bank won’t allow me to have online transactions for security reasons. I don’t mind them blocking anyway. It will keep me from impulsive buying.

I’m taking an early out today since it’s still Ramadan which means short working hours. And I guess having been demoted from being Operations Coordinator to Receptionist paid off. Now I have more time to read articles about Canada since my boyfriend and I have been obsessing about moving there the soonest possible. Also, it gives me extra hours for my writing regimen since I don’t have to give a shit now about Trade Licenses and Ejaris. Just a few phone calls to connect and some errands here and there.

It took me days yes to finally figure out what theme I want for this blog.  But as soon as I saw this theme, I knew it was right for a start-up blog. That even if some options stand out and Mr Persian was skeptic, I still went for it. That’s how we must go about life changing decisions – not that selecting a theme in wordpress is life changing. I’m just saying we need to trust our guts and allow that gut to make a forward thrust. We have a sacred union to this invisible thread that connects us to what we truly want. I think most of the time we are trapped in the simplest question in life. What do I want? Where do I want to go? In a world filled with unending rival of options, we get too overwhelmed with its abundance and we get scared to make a choice. In the end, time passes us by. Suddenly we feel like we have aged so fast and we ran out of time to make up for the decisions we should’ve made a long time ago. And there is no point in gawking at it now.

“There are no safe choices. Only other choices.”
Libba Bray, A Great and Terrible Beauty

If I have learned something the past few days, it would be, to be brave enough to make a stand. Pick. Choose something. Just anything. It doesn’t matter if the world is for it or against it. Just trust that God is sailing with you, driving with you, co-piloting your life in this journey, that whatever decision you make, whichever road you take, He will stand by you and re-direct you to a better destination, if in case you fall short in reading your own road map.

So enjoy the leak of sunbeams by your window. You’ve got plenty of exceptional choices orchestrated in your favor every day. And trust me, they are not intended to be stared at.

Photo Credit:  Homiakphotography


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