Bombay Mix

I sort of wanted to make a rip off of those instagram couples whose pictures and videos went viral by taking different shots of the girlfriend dragging the boyfriend to different amazing places in the background. But it never happened. First of all it was Summer in India and it hit around 33 degrees when we got there. Second of all, we had too much luggage to drag we could barely take selfies, much more a video. Third of all, since it was Ramadan when we left Dubai, we didn’t eat anything for breakfast (unintentional fasting).

It was my second time to be in a foreign land and I’m just grateful to have my passport stamped again. I don’t know when will be my next stop. Europe or Canada I hope. Cross-fingers. But the exotic and authentic India is a good place to start. The idea of traveling with a boyfriend (much better a fiance) is pretty much what I have asked for, for the past thirty something years of my life. I have always been single as most of you know and I have mastered the art of being alone. Traveling with fellow single thirty something ladies is so much fun. I missed that. But the fun part of being single has its downside. I have always dragged my suitcases by myself and even having been surrounded by the best girls in the world, it can still get lonely sometimes. So this experience is pretty much new and exciting for me.

This is what they usually serve at home for guests. At least, most households. If there is something very noticeable about my trip to India it is that all Indians (North Indians specially since these are the people I have met mostly) are very welcoming. If it weren’t for the language barrier, I would say it almost feels like home.


So I did my homework a few days ago and found out that this snack is popularly known as Bombay Mix in UK and US.  Generally though it has variety of names. It’s most commonly called as SevMamra.  Correct Wiki if its wrong. (Not me.) I didn’t make this stuff up.  If in case your wondering why I didn’t ask my fiance about it. Here’s why. I don’t want to make things complicated. Whenever I ask him stuff he begins to lecture a chapter of that topic. So to make the story short. Let’s call this Bombay Mix.

I started munching these beside a cooler (a downgraded version of an AC – which I think is pretty cool considering we don’t have those in Manila and it blows a really cold air just enough to refresh you.)  At first I thought I liked the snack just because I was starving. I mean I could eat literally anything edible that moment. But when I encountered this snack again a few days after in a different household visit, I came to like it. What is it made of? Just a handful of spices, savory noodles and some nuts.

I thought I could use some nap after this but the longest day of the trip has just started.

This is the map of the Delhi Metro Rail Network. I realized now that if, I – just for a second blink and lost sight of my fiance. I will be literally lost in the city.


Photo Credit: WikipediaBee Lee, Delhi Metro Wiki


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