Jaby Koay : Beast Mode on Bollywood

Gender: Male
Age: 31 years old
Profession: Youtuber / Actor/ Director

So let’s get down to business and bring out the creative treasures from the chest. These are the people who flagged a good spot on social media and earned a legion of followers through their zest, creativity, authenticity, wit and charms. These are the people who sparked our curiosity and somehow unintentionally jumsptarted our flat-lining appetite for life. Smothered with all the creative cliches loitering in our backyard, I attempt to brush off the superficial to save room for the raw, real and relatable. Ordinary people who have (had) ordinary lives. So here are some of the contemporary geniuses I busted roaming in my radar.

First on the list is Anthony Alba better known as Jaby Koay. [Not exactly in chronological order of interest or  popularity.] I discovered Jaby just recently through my boyfriend who has been a devoted follower of Koay. And yes. Without you soliciting the question if my boyfriend is Indian. He obviously is. (North Indian – to be politically correct.). Unlike any other boyfriend, you will never find him playing online games or watching GOT. He would most likely be in bed reading news, watching sports or checking movie trailers. And he always secure a downtime slot for Koay.

The half-Italian, half Japanese youtuber (who I first thought was half-Filipino) became a hit to the Indian community by dropping some explosive reactions and witty remarks on Bollywood films. The responses from the viewers has flooded both his comment and mail box like crazy.

And though I am not a full-fledged fan of his youtube videos, because I don’t really fancy Indian Films (Not fancy but I highly respect the smorgasbord of entertainment they bring us and the high quality execution evidently shown in their action trailers.) I have surely been engrossed to some of these videos that was forced fed on me in an attempt to appreciate the Hindi Cinema. Which I eventually did. As a matter of fact I am now a fan of Alia Bhatt and I now have my own favorite Indian soap opera. [Can you imagine?]

The reason why I recommended Koay to my friends is because we (my boyfriend and I have agreed on this. One of the very few things we agree on.) find Koay’s vocab and articulation so compelling that matches his funny facial expressions. Perhaps due to our middle eastern immersion, we hunger for a meaty discourse. We have a shortage of good wording and intelligent conversations around here. Grammar is being butchered on a daily basis in Dubai and we have pretty much adapted the norm. Koay’s banters and blabbing on screen after dinner time is a surefire, quick fix to our eroding English structure.

And if like me, you prefer Hollywood than Bollywood movies, you can still subscribe on Koay’s channel and follow his social media sites for a good use: Inspiration. After all, he has a well-chiseled face and body. And mental stimulation is always sexy.

Please watch this video:


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Next Stop: Sophia Amoruso!

Photo Credit: Jaby Koay, Psychology TodayCup of Jo, Hello I’m Flawedhercampus.com, Ven49


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