Elizabeth Gilbert: Magical Breadcrumbs

Location: Frenchtown, NJ
Age: 47 years old
Profession: Author of Eat, Pray, Love & Big Magic

I wouldn’t give much introduction to this woman because perhaps she’s one of the very few famous personalities I will feature on my blog. I just have to give space for her because she has inspired me immeasurably.

And even if I am going through a severe and undesirable lethargy and restlessness (which I still yet to know why), I just have to complete this unfinished piece that has been dangling under my nose since Friday. I am so sleepy right now. I feel like a zombie trying to hold my head in place and striking the keys with a blank stare. Seriously.

I need perfect sleep. That’s for sure. A perfect sleep means, when I wake up after a few hours or so, I will feel refreshed. Because let’s be honest here, how many times have we slept for long hours and still wake up exhausted? No. I refuse to participate in this kind of sleeping assembly. I’m not signing for it anymore. I demand for a stress-free, relaxed and harmonious sleep where all of my senses, my body and my soul will find a vacation spot in those tender hours as they regenerate themselves back to being invincible.

Okay now on Liz.

On Eat Pray Love


What I like about Gilbert is that she never fails to filter the bad and focus on the good. Not all people liked the ideas and stories she presented in Eat, Pray, Love. We don’t of course expect these people to like Big Magic either. Some were bored. Worst, some were appalled. Going through a divorce and a heartbreak after another isn’t easy. When I say it isn’t easy, I couldn’t elaborate more how much this experience can suck deep into one’s soul and deplete you.

I never knew the intensity of these things until I got into a very serious committed relationship. I’m already 32 when I had my first boyfriend – which is now what they or I call “fiance”. And I realized now how much damage it can cause one to be so fused and then later on be diffused to another human. So I am grateful to have read that book that even say, unlike her we can’t afford to travel around the world and just leave all the raging bills posted on our refrigerator wall, her experience has become a source of enlightenment. I know that her intentions to simply bring hope to anyone who stumbles upon her book has successfully thrived its purpose.


We don’t have to match our journey to other people’s exceptional lives. We are not our favorite authors. We are ordinary people with day jobs (sometimes no job at all) and we might never even have the smallest chance of winding up in an Italian restaurant eating delicious pasta that could’ve made us forget even for a moment that our lives sucked. True, we might find ourselves in a small flat, maybe experience some toxicity and all sorts of anxieties, with perhaps only a Shawarma to comfort our heartache and yes it sounds pathetic. But we don’t need comparison. We need relatable. A piece of something that we can use to extract hope that everything will be okay. Wanderlusting in India, Indonesia and Italy were major factors of her healing and finding happiness but truly, it was her willingness, her courage and her faith to change her course that led her in finding peace. Not exactly travel.


(Although based on experience, it really helps big time to pack your suitcase, leave everything behind and travel to start fresh. Lesson number 1: Be kind. If you are kind. The world will be kind enough to give you that privilege to use a good amount of money to compose yourself back to vitality.)

I am saying this because I have read so many articles that has attacked her for sharing her story. I know this by heart because I can also choose to be bitter by comparing myself from other well off bloggers who can afford to travel around the world and shop plenty of signature items for shoot. But I choose not to (every time). I use them as source of inspiration and perhaps a tool to propel my finances so I can have better stories to tell that may also be one day inspirational.

Everything that we give to the world compounds. Happiness. Love. Kindness. But so is bitterness, anger and pride. Better opt for the former.


On Big Magic


If this thing you are selling isn’t even working for u then how do you expect people to be involved? Don’t be the kind of person that hands over a book and DVDs and wants to convert people. Just do what you love to do and when people see that you enjoy so much, they will be curious and that draws them in.

It’s not a crime to fall-short to be the person you want to be. You will screw up. Forgive yourself. It happens. Dial back the drama and get back to work again the next day. Talk to yourself and be kind to her.

Some people are mystical and magic and mysterious and fairies and genies. You need those. There are people who are going full fairy and they are beautiful and sweet. But sometimes you want to ask them, Uhm can I get u a calendar? Can I help u with the checking account? They are floating through life believing so much in magic.

The other one is fully empirical and walk around the world with a very grim flat world view that nothing is going on here other than what I see in my eyes. They have very limited view of the world.

You need to be in the middle of these two.

When they don’t see that tower of flame they are often lead to believe that there’s something wrong with them or I am lame or normal and creativity and exploration is not for me.

Everybody’s looking for a tower of fire but really its just a trail of bread crumbs.

Tiny hands of the scavenger hunts.

You don’t have to change your name, shave your head, go to India and open up an orphanage. We don’t have to do that this week.

If there’s something you’re drawn into, you’re allowed to do it.

Follow your curiosity.

It doesn’t take anything from you. Unlike Passion. It requires a lot of commitment. It demands a lot from you. It takes everything out of you. Just remember your first passionate love and how it resulted. Stop fetishing on passion.

Learn to trust the very loving, very generous impulse of your curiosity. It is where God sprinkles the bread crumbs on the great trail.

I love Elizabeth Gilbert language. The way she articulates her thoughts are just refreshing as orange juice in the morning. It detoxifies your soul. It restores your faith in your own creativity. It eliminates the toxins inside you plaguing your perceptions on things.

I don’t know but when I hear or read her, I can imagine the same little girl with blonde curly hair who grew up in the farm carrying chopped woods after milking the cows. A very humble, carefree, childlike, curious and grateful human whose happiness and creative energies are so infectious, it so hard to not be like one.

Photo Credit: forbes.com, creativ.com, confusedsandals.com, livelovelook.rustylistmagazine


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