Sophia Amoruso : On Shitting Rainbows

Location: San Diego, CA
Age: 32 years old
Profession: Author of Girl Boss / CEO of Nasty Gal

A few days back, I remember my girls and I were sharing notes on our favorite bloggers and entrepreneurs online.  We all have the same initial reactions to each of them. Although we were spellbound, we were also intimidated.  We skimmed but never stayed. It’s like having a really popular best friend in high school who’s all dolled-up and shiny. We admire her so much but during lunchtime, what we really wanted is to simply sit beside someone who we can identify with. Someone who listens because she understands us. The girl with the largest specs or the one with pig tails. Although Sophia is far from being a nerd, she’s bad blood vintage – which meant she has a different taste and take on things. And when you’re different, you will most likely wind up alone. She was also somewhat financially challenged – and this is were almost everyone can relate to. The inability to just go for what you want because you lack financial resources. So when Sophia launched this book “Girl Boss” who did not only detailed her imperfections but also sported her flaws like a pro, it became a hit because of its humble and honest narrative.



These  modern travel and fashion  figures circulating around the web were surreal to a point of becoming detrimental to one’s ego and perpetual goals. It’s like stepping out from a modern fairy tale. Princess Diaries. They were lovely and inspiring to look at but they give an unintentional pang of discomfort because girls their age (and my age – okay fine! I don’t belong to that bracket anymore) who aspire to take the same course as they do, are not generally given the same privilege to take glamour shots wearing pretty outfits behind the London castle. Not everyone gets a chance to fly across the country with personal photographers and graphic artist and later on writes a blog about their travel tales. And though all the physical elements were mesmerizing and I am not saying I never hit the follow button or skim their pages, there’s a little bit of personality that was lacking in a well-orchestrated website. We were looking for something else. An emotion. A feeling. A sense of belonging. A bio. A story. It makes us want to revel on their lives but not ours. Yes we absolutely adore their page and whatever it is they market – we totally buy it. But we need to be fed with something we can relate to and something that can drive us somewhere beyond our seats. We need something tangible, real and remarkably shitty. Enter Sophia Amoruso in the conversation. The girl (let’s leave her being boss for a minute) who turned all her shits into rainbows.

Although she didn’t start of as a blogger and is way too famous now to even be placed in the same category as these rising entrepreneurs online, she still began her journey in tangled strings of trial and errors. The derivative of all her life’s erroneous equations summed up to a pretty kick ass end game. Slapping the world’s nasty ass is now the phenomenal, Nasty Gal. This has exemplary punctuated Sophia’s name in the industry. It’s not every day we find a CEO who lectures on how to go about pursuing your dreams and being a boss of your own company by starting a testimony on shoplifting goodies and massaging a mayonnaise in a local pub. Not that the former is encouraged or should be tested. We obviously don’t support stealing to justify a cause or encourage bad habits just because we have a knack for it. But these are where we can extract hard core inspiration. Something human and relatable. Although these experiences are not exactly similar to an ordinary girl spectrum, her series of unfortunate events and failures are highly efficient tools to draw attention and fuel fire to aspiring start ups.



I know so many people who doesn’t even have (yet) a single idea on what to do with their lives and what sucks most is that they are now in their 30’s.  Pressured by age, there’s a lot of balls to juggle: Career. Finances. Travel & Bucket Lists. Settling Down & Having Kids. Freezing Eggs. (of course these things are optional. It depends upon your liking). Unlike the twenty something single, we (Busted!) don’t have anymore the luxury to lax. We need to keep our ass moving because as much as we hate to be called a ticking clock if not a bomb, we know for sure that if not today, it will soon be true.

“Adulthood was a lot more
nuanced than I had
imagined it to be and by
age twenty-one, I was
already outgrowing the life
I had thought I wanted. I
knew that someday I would
be thirty, and imagined that
rooting through trash in
search of a free bagel
would likely not be so cute


“They made life seem like a big
hamster wheel. I hated
watching my money
disappear each month
when I paid the bills.

But if and when
your hard work pays off,
these things start to suck

Suddenly, you may find
yourself with yesterday’s
underwear clean and
folded and the noise of that
squeaky hamster wheel
fading into the background.”

The lessons she learned from the streets has groomed her well to be the person she is today.  And every page of Girl Boss is must read. From Growing Up to Financial Independence, from Establishing your own Company to Hiring and Firing Employees and from Staying at the Top of Your Game and Staying Awesome.

Sophia Amoruso is a certified dark horse. If you haven’t read her book, do so. It might just be the kind of push that you need to jump start your creative batteries.

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