Going Nasty

So I have recently finished Girl Boss and was totally inspired about Sophia Amoruso’s bad ass, street-smart training before she went “live” on her stardom. Visiting her phenomenal online shop, here are some of the items I want in my cart [given half a chance of an enormous credit in my bank account and that after strutting in the office premises with these slightly revealing dresses my company will still allow me to keep my job. Ha!]

I added a few fab pieces in this post because I’m shop-deprived (as I always claim) so here it goes!


This navy satin dress just feels cozy and warm on skin and even if I have to admit I am now growing belly because of heightened appetite due to boredom, I can still kill this dress with the elastic waistband that will fit perfectly and hide my nervous fats. And even if the length will put me in so much trouble with middle eastern standards, my well framed legs would be a gorgeous fit on its cute flair.

66378.0.zoom.jpgI am so loving this white lace bohemian looking dress. It makes me feel like a forest fairy. This would really look cute on my favorite fish tail braid and nude glittery make up.


This is just mad love. I am insanely drawn to this navy maxi dress that feels like velvet. It’s like a jumpsuit hybrid of a cutthroat maxi. And we all know maxi dresses give you this glorious sensation of walking like a half-mortal goddess while you strut along with its fancy flowing length.


This is so pretty I want to cry. You know a dress will fit perfectly on you when you see it.  This is the one. And I’m sure this will be worth my penny because I can obviously wear this at work considering its length. I love its simplicity and fit.  Earth Colors and pale palettes are my kind of thing. Can somebody purchase this for me please? Size S.

It’s Tee Time

Sorry but I just love the following tees! They’re just so comfy and reminds me so much of the 80’s. I think my sister has a version of this when she was in college!



Photo Credity: Nastygal


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