Charlie O’Shields : Doodlewash Master

Location: Kansas City, MO
Profession: Artist

In case some of you don’t know, I am a fan of feel good art. Anything burgeoning from illustrations, watercolors and sketches to pottery, sculpture, DIY crafts even digital media. Anything that racks up a good amount of imagination. Anything that generates rapture, pleasure, playfulness and joy. Anything that tickles my boredom.

I have seen a great deal of artworks online and love them all. And I want to bring them all together here in my blog. So I’m starting off with the Dude of Doodlewash. Charlie O’Shields, who I first encountered here in wordpress. Probably the first art project that stirred me because it was very simple and looks like this guy knows how to throw some good words on his art as well.

I’ve always loved this kind of art work. The overlapping of shapes, colors and textures. Looks so simple but accurately incorporated to create the feel of the objects.

Whenever Charlie narrates about his artwork, it makes me feel like he just throw it all together in one canvas without a thought. Here’s a glass of lemonade on the table. Why don’t I start my morning ritual with this one? And off he goes to sketch.


I can still feel the sting of the onions from here. My eyes are burning.


This scooter looks so stylish with green overlay. Makes a girl want to drive downtown on a Sunday morning to buy bagels and cheese.


A sting of cold and sour bite. I could feel the tiny seeds brushing my tongue.


Sharp edges that bleeds when challenged. Suitable only for opening canned goods and other important devices. Keep locked and safe.


Celebrating some lone time on my birthday. Another year well-spent.


Glass colors are surreal. How can you not love to hold the smooth translucent shades of green?

If you want to see more of Charlie O’Shield’s watercolor droppings that accidentally turned to magical items on canvas, visit his blog site at

Photo Credit:, Pinterest


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