Nice Girl Bitching

So my “new boss” (if he says so) emailed me and asked me to create business forms for clients to fill up. He said he needs a generic one that resembles the original one from a hard core business organization which my company is ambitiously trying to copy. Okay fine, compete with.

I am born nice. I was raised nice. I am genetically nice. My entire family is nice. Even my strong-willed, used to be but not anymore snobbish grouchy sister is nice in general. We are a family of nice people who even in the brink of extreme agitation will more often than not still choose to be calm, steady and respectful. I may have been provoked to anger so many times but I often try as much as I can to filter my words to not hurt anyone, even a casualty.

I am emotionally challenged like usual. Another bad night. Another friction. Another unresolved strife. I carried it with me this morning and still with me the entire day. I am writing this post in an attempt to drain it from my system. I don’t know what else to say to myself to compose it. I don’t know what else to say to myself to comfort it. I don’t know what else I can say to myself to make it feel better. It’s a roller coaster ride and as much as I want to have fun with it, I just want to go down and go home, away from what I thought would be a wonderland.

I am not exactly mad. Although I feel like I am beginning to. I am just trying to be stubborn. And as I write this post, I can see great results with my humble efforts to succeed. I know I should not lash it all out to my job or to my boss. I know I have personal issues at home that I need to resolve. But for once, let me take off my nice girl hat and be just an office bitch. Where else can I bitch it out?

No. I am not going to reformat these documents. My mother passed away April and I went back home to Philippines to at least see her remains before she totally disappears in my life. And then I came back to work only to find out I was demoted as receptionist. I understand the need of a more fluent, more sophisticated and more hard working human in the department. I took the change responsibly. For the past few months since April, I have been taking calls and forwarding it to the right department. I have been greeting guests and preparing the board room for meetings. I felt low as fungus but as a result of being demoted I am able to laze the entire day doing mostly nothing . So I just enjoy the new fence where they dumped me and to be honest, I am loving it here!

Just wondering though, if someone has taken my place, isn’t she expected to also take all the responsibilities off my shoulders? Isn’t she supposed to be doing what I was previously doing for the company? Isn’t she paid more to do more?

Now. Tell me. Why do I have to review these documents again?

Politely asking.

The nice girl in the reception area.

Disclaimer; This is not exactly about my boss. I just want to lash it out with someone or on something. And I honestly think this post should go to #angry prompt.

Photo Credit: brandymellvilleusa via Pinterest



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