Even Nastier

Since I’ve been bitching out loud lately [in my mind – because I’m naturally quiet when battling stress ] and I know it’s totally not cool and healthy, I’d like to do some damage control by focusing all my energy to something beneficial to my mental health.

What can possibly pacify me from sob fest?  Perhaps some delicious slutty dresses from our favorite vintage queen. Let’s try on some clothes. Shall we?

Again. Some great finds from nasty gal’s closet.


White is always sweet and refreshing. And even if it was designed to draw attention on the dance floor, it still has this delicate soft lady-like bearing. I don’t have to be on center stage to get noticed. I can still be at the corner table  with my wine glass while I wait for him to finally come over.


Opposite white is our all time favorite LBD. Never fails to look so elegant with small framed girls like me. I may not be that tall but I have nice legs to pull this off with a nice pair of kitten heels. Back off Taylor Swift. Ha!


This polka dot chiffon is just nostalgic. I had several of these cute ruffled dresses back home but because I’ve been away for almost a year, my dad (who is still in denial of doing so) sold or better yet- donated most of the best items in my closet. There’s no place for some childish tantrums under my dad’s roof so I just pretended I never had them. I would still want to have something like this during summer though. Oh wait it’s summer!


Another LBD of my liking. I just love going for suspender styled dresses. Covered with black laces crawling on the chest and at the sides, gives a sexy ticklish feel. Finishing it off with a flirty highschoolish flare silhouette, I highly doubt he can resist me tonight.

Photo Credits: nastygal.com


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