Sam’s Ten

First attempt on Discover Challenge. I know. I’ve been glued to prompts lately instead of scraping the snow out of my numb and frosted flair. My genius (if there ever is) has been immobilized lately out of the office ambiance. In case I have not updated you about my job. My company has no clients. We are running a business that has no business. When they deactivated my internet connection yesterday, I complained to the IT Manager. I asked, “What do you expect me to do around here? We have no clients!” To which he replied. “Shut up and get paid.”

Moving along, I know it sounds cheesy to create the stereotyped 10 Things I Like About You list for for your significant other. But let me give it a shot. The more you are grateful and appreciative of things, the more it will flourished. [Wow. Finally after weeks of sulking and being cynical – I am embarking on a real challenge here. Being positive.] And FYI, I’m not kissing ass just because Sam insisted that I give him my blog site so he can read my blog – which I obviously and violently refused to do so.

Sam's Ten

1. I like it that on his rest days, I always find him somewhere across the pedestrian lane walking towards me to meet me half way. That or he picks me up directly from the metro station and walks me home.

2. I like it that on his rest days, I come home with a delicious home cooked meal, our room is cleaned and the laundry is done.

3. I like it that he buys me stuff even if we're hardcore in saving money for the future.

4. I like the way he spreads the blanket and tucks me in at night.

5. I like the way his left brow lifts and the way he squints when the sun strikes him. [Reminds me of Hugh Jackman in Wolverine.]

6. I like it when he's clean shaven and recently he just had a military cut which looks so good on him.

7. I like the way he looks at me when he's happy.

8. I like the way he comforts me when I'm unconsolable.

9. I like his chest and his arms. It makes me feel safe and wanted.

10. I like it that he allows me to exercise my faith freely [even if our beliefs are totally from different poles].

I can go on with the list. But let me just be grateful for this 10 for now.

Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List-Making

Photo Credit: gq_guys

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