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Since I have recently flooded my blog site with so much drama about my personal life, I want to start fresh again with something light weight. Something that we can easily digest and is good for an afternoon tea.

I spotted Chloe Romengas’ comic cat frames a few weeks ago and I just easily fell in love with Colin’s character. Colin’s uncanny chatter and straightforward visuals, with no distracting ensemble in the background is just something you need on a weekend. The exact definition of a clean slate – immortalized in drawing. Laid back. Chill out. An afternoon delight.

This young feisty french artist whose love for cats bridged a way to a collection of creative cat strips .

Jen:       Tell us something about Cat Life in Comics.

Chloe:      The name changed actually 🙂 It’s now called Chloe & Colin. I am Chloe and the cat is Colin. I chose this name because Chloe and Colin are the two main characters of L’écume des jours, my favorite book, from Boris Vian (Froth on the Daydream in English). And Colin is also a kind of fish in french, so I thought it was funny to name my cat like this.

Jen:       What inspired you to create this character?

Chloe:      I don’t know… I wanted to have a cat but our apartment is too small so I decided to draw one instead!

Jen:       How young were you when you started drawing? Who are your greatest influences?

Chloe:      I don’t remember when I started drawing. All I know is that I never stopped since I learned. I’ve been mostly influenced by my family (great grandfather, grandmother, aunt, etc). They always had pencils and brushes in hands.

Jen:       How would you describe your style? Why did you choose this medium?

Chloe:      That’s a difficult question. The style I would like to have is sweet and funny at the same time. But only you can tell me if I have succeeded 🙂 I think I’ve been in love with watercolor all my life, so I almost never tried another medium! I should, but I like the spontaneity, the sensibility of watercolor and how water does unexpected things on your paper.

Jen:       What is the biggest challenge you have encountered so far?

Chloe:      Focus on one single project and complete it! I have so many ideas in mind and there are a lot of things I want to do that they all end up scattered.

Jen:       What does your creative space looks like?

Chloe:      It’s a small table by the window, with many DIY colorful pencil holders, inspiring cards, weird things I found anywhere, and paper, colors, brushes… I need a (not too much) messy workplace to be creative. You can see a picture on my website.

Jen:       What’s the best reward / perk you have ever received from creating good art?

Chloe:      People sharing my artwork is my best reward 🙂

Jen:       What is your dream project?

Chloe:      I’d like to print Colin the Cat on a tote bag (laughs)! But I also have other artistic projects, and my dream project would be one where I use my art to raise awareness on Lyme disease (and other chronic diseases like CF for example). I started to think about what I can do about this, because I’m sick myself.

Jen:       Describe your typical Sunday morning.

Chloe:      I’d like to say I wake up early and go running but… no. I wake up, drink tea, and read a book (I’m a bookworm)

Jen:       What’s the next big thing in Cat’s Life?

Chloe:      You’ll see 🙂 The Cat Family may become bigger 🙂



Artworks by:  Chloe Romenga 

Instagram:      catlifincomics

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