Megan’s World of Mini Mes

I stumbled on Megan Andrew’s drawings yesterday when I was desperately rummaging Instagram for some inspiration on yesterday’s daily prompt: miniature. Just the idea of creating a tiny version of Piglet and Alice in wonderland just made my day.  The mini – me of Disney characters were brought to life by this amazing artist. It looks pretty challenging to bargain with size and not sacrifice anything on details. But she was able to do so without a fuss.

More on Megan:

Jen: Tell us a little bit something about yourself [that most people don’t know yet].

Megan: I am a Graphic designer living in Cape Town with my husband, Jeremy and two year old Daughter, Olive. I have just started working for myself as a freelance designer and have numerous wonderful clients. And I have recently developed a real coffee addiction 🙂

Jen: How young were you when you started painting/drawing/sketching? Who are your greatest influences?

Megan: I have been drawing all my life and I have drawings in my baby book from when I was 5 years old. My whole family is creative but I clearly remember my dad showing me how to colour in a colouring book when I was very young.

Jen: Where do you usually get your inspiration from?

Megan: I live is such a creative city, there are so many creative people that inspire me and show me how its done. I also have very creative close friends that act as wonderful sounding boards, and support me when I am feeling stuck.

Jen: How would you describe your style? Why did you choose this medium?

Megan: I would say my style is child orientated. I used water colour Faber Castelle pencil crayons. I have had lots of practice with them and I find them forgiving and ‘soft’ to use. Also they give a sharp point and come in so many colours!

Jen: What is the greatest challenge you have encountered so far?

Megan: I would say overcoming my inner critic has been my greatest challenge so far. Its very easy to doubt yourself.

Jen: What is the best reward / perk you ever got from creating good art?

Megan: I won a Thomas the Tank Engine colouring-in competition when I was 8, does that count 🙂 The best perk was recently been featured in an online magazine.

Jen: What is your most memorable artwork and why is it special? 

Megan: My most memorable art work was my first cupcake mini, of Wheres Wally, thats was the start of a drawing range I am currently working on. My challenge is to have 100 ‘minis’ and I am really enjoying it at the moment.

Jen: Describe your typical Sunday morning.

Megan: With a toddler, Sunday mornings are always an early start. We usually just have a lazy breakfast and chill at home for the start of the day. Then we head out for a child friendly activity and get ready for the upcoming week.

Jen: Any current projects you are working on?

Megan: I currently have a few big design projects for my clients on the go, but my ‘Cupcake Collection’ is an ongoing project that I work on in my free time.

Jen: Best advice you can give for newbies.

Megan: Practice and have self confidence. Not that its easy as an artist to shake of criticism. But I often say ‘quack, quack, ducks back’ when I need to remind myself to shake off the criticism of my work.

These creatures are all so cute and tiny I so want to pull them out of canvas!



Visit Megan Andrew’s Instagram to see more of her artworks and designs: megy_designs



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