Frames of Persuasion

I'm your current frame of mind.

I make you think. I make you move.

I can ruin you. I can fix you.

I can break you. I can cure you.

I am pleasure. I am pain.

I am your horror. I am your peace.

I am your grief. I am your ecstasy.

I am everything you allow me to be.

Photo taken at Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai. Art Month.

Photo Challenge: Frame

9 thoughts on “Frames of Persuasion

    1. Thank you. I doubted posting this for a second because most of my photos are pixelated which prevents me from joining photo challenges… . #rethinking of buying a good camera….

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      1. Don’t underestimate the smaller, less expensive cameras and even the latest mobile phone cameras. Technology is moving forward fast and since I’m not a professional photographer, I’m not prepared to spend too much on a camera.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s true. This is taken from iphone5s but resolution looks so bad. Honestly I get immense satisfaction with HD photos attached to my blogs… Your blog photos are very neat. I have to say.

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