Quinn’s Baking Routine

We have a habit of inventing words.

Words that only our circle understands.

Sometimes with origin. On most occasions non-sense.

For example, Sasha once cooked a special dinner for Arem. [I already recounted this story once before.] Arem gets super late. Sasha went ballistic and punished him for days. Never spoke to him. Asked him to clean the kitchen. Bullied him until he deserved forgiveness. Obviously Arem is the submissive one. Super. This guy is top-notch.

On this day we use either Sasha or Arem in a sentence.

Quinn: I will wait for Mac until 10:00 [for dinner].
Sasha: It’s already 9:45 my dear. I don’t think he’s coming.
Quinn: He can’t be late again. I will go Sasha on him!
Sasha: Make him Arem if he gets super late!

Sasha. verb. meaning to go berserk
Arem. verb. meaning to be punished or to suffer

When we were having dinner in the kitchen last night, Quinn excused herself politely and said. “I need to go bake. I always feel like baking after dinner.”

A question mark on my husband Sam’s forehead.

“Poop. She’s going to poop. Get it?”

Daily Prompt: Plop
Photo Credit: googleimages

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