Rae Bai: Posh Art Practice

Skimming over Rae Bai’s sketches a few weeks ago sedated me. These are the kind of artworks the I get fixated with; the kind that compels me to procrastinate for a good few hours without a pang of regret; the kind that makes me want to stay in bed and pretend that I’m not defrosting a chicken for dinner; the kind that makes my day unproductive but infectiously happy.

The humble Rae Bai never fails to put disclaimer on her artworks: Practice. Watercolor. As if to say, I apologize but I kinda messed  this up. Give me some time to polish.

These amazing sketches are nothing like practice to me. Although I’m not an expert on watercolor sketches, [I tried decades ago but failed miserably.] I know a PRO when I see one. It ain’t easy to incorporate substance and gravity on images. They need to come alive inside the frames. And that is something only an expert would crack easily.

Rae Bai’s artworks exhibit visual depths in movements, facial expressions and style. Her collection is brimming with sophistication but not conforming with the cutthroat fashion norm. You can easily sense that she just wants to have fun, explore and re-invent herself which makes her drawings appear to be bold, honest and fearless.



Jen: Tell us a little bit something about yourself.

Rae: My name is Rae Bai, I live in Taiwan. I’m a freelancer illustrator now.

Jen: Tell us something about your style. What areyour favorite art tools and why?

Rae: It’s a little bit hard to define my style. I enjoy to draw pretty women and lovely girls. People and animals are good subjects too. They make your work vivid.

My favorite art tool is watercolor. I like its unexpected and varied performance on paper. It can be heavy dark, sweet, or any style you want.

Jen: Where do you usually get inspiration from?

Rae: Sometimes I have many ideas but they are just a mess in my brain. It’s hard to transfer them to a meaningful art work.







Jen: What is the best reward or perk you ever received?

Rae: I’m so happy to hear someone tell me that he/she likes my painting.

Jen: What’s your dream project?

Rae: My painting put in a fashion magzine, or having an exhibition in a big museum.

Jen: Describe your typical Sunday Morning.

Rae: Having a brunch with my husband.

Jen: What makes you happy?

Rae: Hang out with good friends, shopping, eating chocolate cake, watching a funny drama.

Jen: Any advice for youngerartist out there?

Rae: Don’t try to find your personal style. Just keep painting hard and learn well. Eventually, all your works will build “you” one day.





Follow Rae Bai on Instagram at: raebai2016

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