Such Great Heights

Photo Challenge: Edge

I am thinking it's a sign
That the freckles in our eyes
Are mirror images and when
We kiss they're perfectly aligned

And I have to speculate
That God himself did make
Us into corresponding shapes
Like puzzle pieces from the clay

-The Postal Service

This photo was taken right after my event’s team finished hosting 711 Christmas Party of 2012. Right after the sweaty, nerve-racking groundwork comes the glamour showdown. I dressed up with a black sequined mini dress [those times when I was still Victoria’s Secret thin] and paired it with my all time favorite black stilettos [I’m all flats now. Gosh. I’m still young but I feel so old without those heels.]

And because almost all events are exhausting [weddings, sports and corporate alike] I took off my shoes and walked on bare feet inside the tent venue and plopped myself on the floor. I needed a serious amount of caffeine. We were all drained and famished. Events – no matter how abundant food is, will never let you for a second gorge in anything. You’re lucky if you’re able to sip water in between takes. That or it’s just one hell of an amateur hour for my team. Perhaps the best events companies in town can juggle the workload and the perks all together.

I didn’t know if I was half-sleeping – waiting for our ride to pick us up or I was actually looking at Cris – youngest of us all, who was practically sitting at the edge of the stage drapes. WTF Cris?!?


I remember this song as it play along in my head. We were reckless and young and full of spirit. These were the times when Events seems the biggest thing that could ever happen to me. Booze [although I barely drink but it’s still fun to see other people my age do]. Music blasting. Midnight Dancing. Dressing up. Creative campaigns. Corporate planning. I was 29. I have the slightest idea that by next year, when I hit 30, I will be at the Edge” target=”_blank”>edge of my youth feeling like the guy at the top corner of the proscenium arch – thinking “F**k. How do I get out of here?”


8 thoughts on “Such Great Heights

      1. Now I have a movie to watch. Awesome! Iron and Wine is a one man band. Think mountain man ballads. His cover is great as I mentioned but I think Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car really captures the style for you to see if he’s your kind of sound. Happy listening!

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  1. Havent read your latest blog but got a glimpse of 500 Days of Summer in the preview. Are u lying to me Manvsloneliness? 😡 Are you a rom-com dude in the inside?


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