The Art of Slogging

September 15 Prompt: Slog

I’m Back! Need to catch up with the chunk of prompts waiting in line!

So that was me driving a four-sided flat wheel bicycle on a six day glorious EID Holiday. Slow clap for my very productive self.


Slogging is not something we want. But it’s something we need to do. It’s more like moving on. Ha!  . It’s tough. It ain’t fun. It’s a lot of work. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here’s the thing about work in general. It has to be done. Plain and Simple. The sales target. The spreadsheets. The emails. The presentations. The commercial research. The market campaigns. The meetings. The inventories. The manuals, the guidelines, the forms, the blogs, the documentation, the procedures. The salmon. The salmon sauce. The broccoli.  The broccoli sauce. The dirty kitchen cabinets. The clog in the toilet. The pile of clothes in the laundry basket. The pile of clothes in the cabinet. The pile of clothes in the bed. The missing white uniforms. The torn t-shirts waiting to be sewn. The endless list of things to do. It will all be there waiting relentlessly for your undivided attention.

And no matter how much we try to make it fun, it won’t. That’s why it’s called work.[Unless of course you’re Monica Geller whose idea of fun is categorizing her towels  as‘everyday use’, ‘fancy’, ‘guest’, and ‘fancy-guest’.] We will always have a number of reasons not to do it and a number of reasons to do something else besides it.

At the end of the day, no matter how we avoid it, it will keep on showing up on our doorstep and worst -if we prolong the process, it will sooner or later sit and fart harshly on our faces.

I’m no expert in combating procrastination but here’s something that fuels me a bit from Brian Tracy.


Start with the most crucial task. Once the hardest is over, everything else comes easy.


There’s no sense in putting it aside.  You won’t be able to enjoy the things you like doing if the things that you don’t like doing are sitting there at the corner whining.

The good thing about slogging is the morning after… when you finally see your kitchen cabinet clean, organized and most importantly, cockroachless.

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