Silence is When She’s Loudest

September 20 Prompt: Silence

I stood there under the heat of the sun sweating profusely. My lenses begin to moist and everything begin to itch. My back against my white uniform begin to itch. My ankles against my socks begin to itch. The golden bracelet that mom just recently passed on to me begin to itch. A relative from Tokyo gave it to her as a gift. It has Japanese characters etched around it. I scratched it gently and I felt a slow fleeting relief. It left an agitated red mark around my wrist.

Harsh pricking noise came at the end of the quadrangle.

I jolted back at the blaring whistle bringing my attention back where my feet was nailed. I was back in the court. I bent a little and wrapped my fists together nervously squinting at the streaks of the sun’s sarcasm. I hate Fridays. Fifteen more minutes and I’m out of this limbo. Both teams were busy with each other’s passes. I don’t have to move unless the ball propels my way. I focused on Saturday. Magnolia day. Dad buys me a huge bottle of Magnolia Chocolate. It was a twelve year old’s version of booze. A cold milky chocolaty rich drink trapped in a bottle delivered every Saturday morning.

Another whistle blown at the end of the quadrangle. A low passing position from the other side. Then followed by a double hit. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six . Five. I poured the icy cold chocolate milk on my glass. I held it on both hands and started chugging in sheer delight. It tastes heaven. Four. Three. Two. One. “Hit it!” They all yelled. It came rolling on space above me like a ball of fire. Whirling violently like tornado. I gawked at the ball like a stone fish and it came spinning faster than the speed of light whacking me straight on the face.

Laughter echoed across the quadrangle. My P.E. teacher started barking furiously at me.

It was funny.

At least from their perspective.


I could still hear the shared puns and unconstrained cackling around me as I open my eyes. Everything was blurry. My eyeglasses was smashed. I picked it up from the ground along with my bracelet that was then broken in two. Everybody started chanting my name, louder and louder and louder.

I closed my fist tight as I could. My bracelet cutting deep inside my palms. I broke every inch of that golden bracelet into grains. Slowly, I opened my hands and blew the delicate ashes of my deepest loudest thoughts into the air. Everyone was frozen. Figures of salt in the shadow of merrymaking. How unfortunate to have played games with me. I don’t play fair.

I stayed for a while and finished the remaining pretzels in my lunchbox. As soon as the horizon was burnt orange, I walked to the other side of the court and approached my teacher’s wide-eyed statue, slowly melting with the rest. I whispered very softly in her ears. “I’m going home Mrs. Berks.” I wiped down the streak of what seemed to be tears escaping her eyes. It was mere salt dissolving from what used to be flesh and bones.

I took my knapsack and started walking back home. I never looked back.


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