Oasis: The Last Halo

September 22 Prompt: Jump

She opened her eyes slowly. Everything was hazy at first until the heavens above her became visible. Dark clouds moving heavily against the series of lightning. She was lying on a rooftop. That, she realized just now. How she got there, she has no idea. A flash of memory came unannounced, thrusting a terrible throb against her temples. The lighthouse. She was climbing the lighthouse and they were running after her. An army of demons from the West. She reached the top of the tower and there was nowhere else to go.

“Trust me.” She could hear his heartbeat drumming wildly inside his chest across the oceans.

He spread his white large wounded wings and soared high to catch her, blood dripping on earth draining the remaining strength inside him. His arms wrapped around her and he brought her back to safety.

It seems like a dream, if only there were no traces of blood on her white satin dress. She stood up with bare feet, still weak from the long chase. The upcoming storm sending chills in her body. She watched for the last time how the lightning slash open the heavens. She promised herself she will find him. And save him if she has to.


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