Pretend Artist Heartbreak

September 25 Prompt: Pretend

I am no artist and there’s definitely nothing to be proud of with these drawings. But I absolutely enjoyed the diversion. I look at these sketches and it reminds me how engrossed I was outlining the small details.

This isn’t based on my imagination. I basically copied this somewhere. Sorry I forgot from where I took the original images. This was ages ago and I never thought of publishing them.

My goal is to not perfect the drawing. My goal is basically just to kill the time that I was supposed to waste thinking about – whats-his-face. This exercise got me through the bad times. And it worked pretty well.

Sometimes, to get through the bad days, you just have to be creative.

And have a little sense of humor.

This is my ex as I imagined him to be after the break up.










9 thoughts on “Pretend Artist Heartbreak

  1. The first picture reminds me of the Romona books. ☺

    Creativity is a great way to handle our storms. That’s when expression really takes over. And whether or not you draw something from your own mind or redraw someone else’s, it’s still great therapy. Coloring books are another great form of therapy through art.

    Thank you for sharing. ❤

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    1. Your welcome MJ. I really fancy children’s book illustrators. I will try to feature some artist in my blog. And true, thank God there are so many creative ways to handle storms. ^_^

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