The Small Magic

October 3 Prompt: Breakthrough

This is how I felt about this blog when I started a few months ago. I have no exact words for it. But to illustrate it graphically, this girl resembles it. A child smeared with mesmerizing hues of blues, yellows and magentas too engrossed with its diversity and vibrance. Excited. Hopeful. Euphoric. A five year old kid celebrating her first Holi.

I had an unconscious desire to assemble my thoughts somewhere safe and relaxing. Like a Summerhouse. A Vacation spot. A roughly built cabin for my musings. Unfortunately, I think it has evolved into what looks like a shelter home or a jailhouse of all my negative emotions. I guess most blogs are built that way on purpose. But I don’t want this site to grow in that direction.

I want to raise my thoughts in a happy, playful and kind environment. I don’t want this kid to have a troubled childhood. Not that I plan to repress the unwanted emotions. They are most welcome. It’s an open door policy. But I want it to be forgiving and accepting of its flaws. That’s how it will learn to be kind to itself and confident towards others. I want it to be resilient with failures and rejections because that’s how it will learn to be tough, thick-skinned and open-minded. But not to a point of being ruthless and arrogant. I don’t intend it to be perfect. Like any other parent, I just want this blog to be happy.

Above all things, I want it to be grateful because that’s how it was conceived.

So from here on, I will start to count my innumerable blessings. No matter how small they seem, I know they belong somewhere spectacular. Puzzle pieces of magic that makes up the bigger picture.

A well of wonders and miracles, one delight after another…


2 thoughts on “The Small Magic

  1. Your writing is stunning. Absolutely lyrical and never without a solid message. I love the personification of your blog to a child, and I have read some seemingly sad posts on your blog, but more so I see your hope. It’s true that on the internet there is an abundance of happiness and perfect lives, and it’s great to add to that happiness. What I find even more valuable, however, is admitting to the negative, and then turning that negativity into something warm and bright. I believe that is what your blog is and will develop further to be. As long as it’s honest in thought, it will be beloved with its tears and smiles, scars and beauty marks. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us.

    I saw you liked the post, but I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. There’s no pressure to do it, but it’s a fun break and nice way to be recognized for the presence you and your blog have. ❤ Here are the details: I’m looking forward to your post!

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  2. Oh MJ, your words are moving! I apologise for the late reply. I am so swamped right now (& feeling under the weather… water therapy right?) but I will definitely work on the – (should I say challenge?) -activity you posted. You’re right. It’s totally a fun way to connect with other bloggers and get recognised. Btw, this my first time to get nominated! Yey! Lols.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I want to give you credit for having it written so neatly ^_* This by far is the most enlightening thing I have ever heard / read about my writing.

    P.S. I wish my husband could read this because he’s my biggest critique. And he’s not so good in positive reinforcement. Lols. >.<


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