First Magic: Liebster Award

Home Again…

Here I am back to my world again, migraine free at last and very much excited to wrap by arms around my blog. So the dreaded exam is  finally over and thank God, my boss has been busy with outdoor activities that I can be more productive doing something I like – this and a new found diversion to reading. Sam thinks I should read more to improve my flaking viewpoint and knowledge on general issues and current events. Not to mention my very limited range of vocabulary that scandalously stripped itself naked in front of me during essay writing. When I was asked about my stand on extreme sports during the last portion of my finals, I was completely mortified. I want to make migraine as an excuse to the unexpected mental block but clearly I realized how short-sighted I was with these kind of topics. And despite how much I hated Sam for being his regular blunt self; his unfiltered mouth [which often times I would prefer to use only for kissing] and his barbed wired comments which I often wished he keeps to himself secured and protected so as not to hurt his overly sensitive wife, I think the guy has a point. So I’m taking his advice on this one. Perhaps it will help me nourish my awareness and grasp on other issues. In my defense though, he thinks as a lawyer so he has more complex views on general issues and diverse topics. He has the tendency to explore uncharted areas. And for crying out loud, the guy inhales current events and general information. So I’m not even going to bother debating with him on this one. Reading is essential for writers. Point taken.

As promised…

Nothing can stop me now from the stories that rained upon me during the week. I kept slamming the door shut on their faces [Against my will of course. They know how much I love them. My musings and my muses.] knowing that once I let them in, we will end up having sleep overs, pillow fights and girls talk until wee hours and I won’t get anything done. It’s bad enough that I have been cramming and going mental for the past few days, throwing all my unreasonable temper to Sam. [Hey some of them were valid. Like the time he lamented on simply taking out the trash when I have already exhausted all the housewife duties I could possible think of. The small things I ask of him could’ve been VERY helpful during those stressful days before my exams.]  But nevertheless, I am grateful for his impressive patience and remarkable understanding with my flare ups. [Which made me a little skeptic. Do you have a fever sweetheart?] He told me it was just stress that was eating me up. He was right to some extent. I felt so relieved now that exams are over – no matter what the results may be. I don’t want to dehydrate myself anymore with positivity. I did what I could and if I was really destined to be part of the good statistics then I have nothing to fear. If not, then I am sure God has prepared a better spot for me.  As I mentioned earlier in my previous post, I will start watering this blog with good energies. Just don’t expect a well-nourished pot here. The browning and the wilting will always be part of the journey. [I hope this last statement don’t bite me in the ass on the release day of results.]

Liebster Award…

So after the lengthy ingress,  I would like to draw the spotlight now to MJ Cobra who nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you! This is my very first award and though it sounds embarrassing to admit as most of the bloggers here I know have already crowded their site with variety of awards [in fact I know a few who have already been complaining being bombarded with too many recognition that they plead for other bloggers to stop circulating it to those who don’t need it],  well I am obviously not one of them. I am very much grateful to be appreciated. This for me  [including MJ’s heartfelt comment below.] feels like a Grammy. And I’m accepting this award – Taylor Swift-ishly [Wide-eyed. Open mouthed. Shocked but still Poised.]


1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Answer the questions given.
4. Nominate people and give them questions to answer.

MJ’s Questions for Nominees:

  1. To start, the classic: where do you get the inspiration for your blog?

Well, this is a very personal blog. Although I try my best to be anonymous as most of the things I write here are based on reality. [if not – an exaggeration of it. Ha!]. I really want to have the liberty to divulge even the most intimate and most exclusive emotions I have. But having this site known by a few people from my circle, somehow prevents me to be completely open. My posts are mostly just about the regular mundane events in my life and I just extract inspiration out of the small things that I find promising.

I also get inspired by other writers, artist, musicians and other sources of creativity. Elizabeth Gilbert has obviously inspired me a lot to launch this blog site. I was hesitant to use Small Magic as it is evidently a ripped off of Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. But I want to use the word magic so badly on my site. The word “miracle” would have sufficed but it sounded so righteous at the beginning. So I reverted to magic. The positivity that the word itself inherits is just too infectious. It kept me smiling.

I  dig deep to my imagination as well, as I can be as flexible as I want to be with fiction. I like to be omniscient. I think everyone does. Nothing can be more empowering than creating a world of your own liking. My early influence comes from the dark and witty sides of Neil Gaiman. Although it’s not so visible in my writing (yet). I haven’t even started. Hopefully I can catch a portion of his genius and one day I can write a novel of my own. [This sounds so ambitious. I know.]

  1. What is your favorite emoji and why? Kawaii faces count too. ヽ(゚▽゚*)乂(*゚▽゚)ノ

My favorite emoji is this ^_*. It’s my flirt face. I have no patience in other characters.

  1. What’s one of the weirdest experiences you’ve ever had?

On top of my head, would be yesterday during my listening exam when the examiner kept asking everyone in the class if we can hear the recording. Considering that I was taking the exam in what seemed to be a first-class institution, I am expecting this incident will never happen. We waited for a few minutes just watching the examiner pace back and forth and check the audio. Finally she asked for assistance. A Indian examiner from the other room came to help. She opened the small cabinet beside the lecturer’s table and checked the sound system. To everyone’s surprise, the examiner has failed to insert the CD inside the player.

  1. If you got turned into a holiday, how would the world celebrate you?

Wow this is really a major hit for me. I will be a Holiday?

Well first of, it would be an honor to be celebrated. [Except that all those who have been celebrated has already passed. Yikes! Not this.]

Since I am a self-confessed hopeless romantic and my blog is an advocate of Gratitude [or at least trying to be], I want to be celebrated by people all over the world with 5 of the following practices:

  1. There will be no classes and no work on my holiday. All corporations and institutions will be closed. [See how a fun holiday I can be? And we're just getting started!]
  2. In the morning, everyone should say a prayer of Thanks Giving. If you are not a Christian, it's okay. You can simply contemplate on all the good things that has happened in your life.
  3. Before the Holiday, you need to prepare for a Gift-giving. Unlike Christmas, you don't have to traditionally exhaust yourself and your pocket in buying everyone presents. You just have to choose one Significant Person in your life. This makes this Holiday more special because you are only asked to choose one person. This person is very special for a major reason: He or she has become a Small Magic in your life. Often times you are not able to express your feelings with this person or this person might have been taken for granted. Perhaps his or her efforts. Perhaps how much this person have cared about you. Perhaps you have missed so many opportunities to say how much you feel about them. But now is the time to express your deep appreciation. Perhaps you can also apologize for the many times you have failed to notice or give importance to his or her friendship, love, sincerity or kindness. This is the time to show you are grateful for his or her existence. This person can be the biggest person in your life like your mother, father, sibling or spouse. But it can also be as small as the people in your workplace or neighborhood. Perhaps the janitor who keeps your office desk clean. Perhaps it's your elderly neighbor who often shares her recipe and greets you unfailingly every morning. Any person who have touched your life in a small but significant way. Even a random person, a stranger can be your Small Magic. In fact, it will be more memorable if it is someone who least expect to be chosen.
  4. Once you have thought of that one Significant Person in your life for this year [a.k.a. your Small Magic], you will have to prepare a gift. The catch is, unlike any other event like Birthday, Christmas and Valentines, the gift has to be created, organized, designed or built by You. You are not allowed to buy or purchase a single item. You need to use your imagination or creativity. You are allowed though to spend on materials or details. To sum up: It's not as easy as buying and wrapping. It can be a form of a DIY craft, a special homemade dinner or a performance. Anything that says "I made an effort because you're special." 
  5. You need to collect memories of your Small Magic moment every year. This way you are reminded of all the significant people in your life and how much they have contributed to your happiness.

I got carried away with the question.

  1. If you were the last person on Earth, what would you do?

Since I supposed I have all the resources in the world to consume all by myself [unless we’re talking about apocalypse here and no resources to generate], I will engineer a perfect male [mate] for me. I mean, I can at least try. Right? I’m expected to lose my mind one way or another anyway. Why not explore science if I have plenty of time to research? Who knows?

And for sure I will document everything in my blog. Miracles happen.

It will be a best-selling memoir.

[Btw this reminds me of the new Jennifer Lawrence movie, Passengers.]

  1. Where do you get most of your blogging done?

Work. Yes. Guilty. I can’t get anything done at home. Every time I finish one household chore, I think of another and it just keeps on rolling. Jeez. I sound like a loser wife here. Or is it just me and my troubled time management skills?

  1. What fictional world would you like to live in and why?

Rivindell from LOTR. But I don’t want to be the regular me. I want to be a princess. Can I be Arwen or someone more immaculate and powerful? It’s still ME but in character!

  1. Describe your perfect ice-cream sundae.

Layers of dark chocolate and moist cake with Macademia nuts, almond nougat and pecan! Is this still called sundae or ice cream cake?

9. What two super powers would you like to have?

Teleportation. A fun and economical way to be a travel blogger.

Touch. I touch people and I make them happy, relieve them from hurt and make them forget. [Although at first I thought  money-generating powers would be super cool and I think Sam would totally agree with me.]

10. What advice would you give new bloggers?

Don’t get discouraged. Keep on writing. Keep on reading. Keep in touch with fellow bloggers.

Here are the Nominees:

Jessy GatsbyA Walk in the Woods

Hester LeynelMy vreugdes en frustrasies

Ms SkyfallMs Skyfall

ConfablerConfabler: Tales for the bored and Useless

Drunk ArcherThe Drunk Archer

Madison WardThe Fiction Cafe

Questions: [I spiced it up a little just for fun. I’m just curious how you guys would respond.]

  1. If you will a WP award what would you be and what would be your mechanics?
  2. If you got turned into a holiday, how would the world celebrate you? 
  3. What fictional world would you like to live in and why?
  4. Have you ever stalked anyone and if so, what were your stalking techniques
  5. You wake up from bed one morning looking like this. What do you do first. Go!elisha_cuthbert_smiling-wallpaper-960x600.jpg
  6. The next morning, you wake up with someone looking like this. What would you do first? Go! enrique_iglesias_hot-wallpaper-960x540.jpg
  7. She knocks at your door one night. She needs a place to stay. What do you do?maleficent_2014_movie-wallpaper-960x600
  8. How would you respond to this.the_secret_life_of_pets_sweet_pea-wallpaper-960x600.jpg
  9. Which of these Halloween Costumes would you most likely wear this Halloween?
  10. Who would you like to share this breakfast with and why? breakfast_3-wallpaper-960x600.jpg
1st Magic: Liebster Award

9 thoughts on “First Magic: Liebster Award

  1. Congrats! Well deserved.
    Thanks for the nomination.Your questions are so interesting can’t wait to answer them ( rubbing my hands with delight)
    The idea of gift giving on your holiday reminded me of a part in the book ‘perks of being a wallflower’. You would have loved those kind of gifts.


  2. I love the time and thought you put into the holiday question, and it sounds like a wonderful holiday! You definitely make me want to dedicate time to making a couple handmade gifts or meals for my loved ones. ❤ Haha, and now I want to have the power of teleportation! I’ve never thought of that. What a great idea!

    Congratulations on your first award. You totally deserved it, and your responses are so fun. Your questions too!


  3. Yeah I took the Holiday question seriously. Actually my first few ideas were berserk and explicit hahaha. But my site has always been wholesome so I ditched the idea. Lols.

    And yes, teleportation right?! Just imagine what stories we would write then… @_@


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