October 7 Photo Challenge: H2O

“You can do it kid.”

It took me a lot of convincing from my dad before I agreed to ride on that very small questionable boat. Since I wanted so much to see the tomato farm which was across this pond, I hopped on the boat against my will, striking out the idea of green slimy ugly frogs that may possibly puffed out of the dark water. I don’t like slimy cold animals. Frogs. Snakes. Lizards. Just the thought of it gives me the chills.

This man whose photo I’ve taken before the ride made me feel like it’s doable. His body steady and his grip on the bamboo solid. When I saw my dad climb on the small boat and started paddling with confidence, I felt relieved. I knew I was in good hands. And growing up with fertile imagination, I thought if this boat capsize any moment, I know I am able to grab the paddle and bring us both on the other side of the pond.

“It’s not about our faith in other people that makes us win battles. But it’s their faith in us.”

2nd Magic:  Getting on the other side of the pond.


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