To sum up, this is my blog’s Table of Contents.

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday, so I ended up organizing my blog. I had an itch of of creating a spot where they can park accordingly. Also, it’s an easy way to direct readers and myself to where I want to go. That’s okay right? [Have I been contaminated by Sam’s OCD? I know it’s not viral. But Sam is. I feel like since we moved in together, India has colonized me. I actually just finished eating Biryani! God, this man is infectious!]

Will be updating new posts in this page.


  1. Crayons


People & Artworks that sparked my curiosity. And will possibly ignite yours too…

giphy (2).gif

  1. Beastmode on Bollywood
  2. Magical Breadcrumbs
  3. Raw
  4. Shitting Rainbows
  5. Doodlewash Master
  6. Sparks
  7. Release Your Inner Van Gogh
  8. The Traveling Shoes
  9. Cat Life in Comics
  10. Megan’s World of Mini Me’s
  11. The World As I See It
  12. Posh Art 
  13. Clues of Cleverness 
  14. Jewel in the Mist


Things I fancy. And perhaps you will too…


  1. Going Nasty
  2. Even Nastier
  3. Sam’s Ten


large (5).gif

Conversations with myself.

  1. Roadmaps
  2. Little Taylor
  3. What Happened to Forever
  4. Mothers, Daughters & Me
  5. Pay It Forward
  6. Bombay Mix
  7. Comforted
  8. All Things Warm & Cozy
  9. Girl Crush
  10. Relationship – Golds & Goals
  11. How He Loved Her
  12. Nice Girl Bitching
  13. Warrior
  14. Just Because It’s Greener, It’s Better
  15. How To Be Single
  16. I Never Said That
  17. Baggage Claim
  18. Ghost in Our Heads
  19. White Hairs & Natalie Imbruglia
  20. 50 Grand Miracle
  21. Frames of Persuasion
  22. Stating the Obvious
  23. The Writer Wife
  24. Monumental Vices
  25. Guessing Game
  26. The Finale
  27. Such Great Heights
  28. The Art of Slogging
  29. Eventually
  30. Uptight
  31. Abyss
  32. Pale & Paling
  33. Pretend Artist Heartbreak
  34. Bradshawing Nice & Slow
  35. The Good Life
  36. The Small Magic
  37. Practically Married
  38. Drumbeats
  39. Little Miss Sunshine
  40. A Beautiful Mess
  41. Breaking Up with Tiny Jones
  42. Spy
  43. Milkfish
  44. That Kind of Heart
  45. No Signal
  46. Untangling
  47. Be Intentional
  48. Longest Tuesday Night
  49. Monday Bliss & Blues
  50. A Breath of Fresh Air
  51. The Lack of Sunbeams
  52. Starburst
  53. Meeting Daniel
  54. Thimble Throbs
  55. Angels and Warm Lights
  56. The Bright Star
  57. How Big Your Brave Is
  58. Best Years
  59. Open Doors
  60. Checkmate
  61. Home
  62. How to Love
  63. Too Many Thoughts, Too Little Time
  64. One Lonely Strawberry 
  65. Beyond Human Eye
  66. Happy Healthy Me
  67. Remembering Ruby
  68. Pastel Pieces
  69. Sugar
  70. Not a Fan of Arabian Nights
  71. When was the Last Time?
  72. Wait, Am I Ready for This?
  73. Not My Tool Box
  74. Everything But
  75. Nowhere
  76. Half Hello, Half Goodbye


The small universes I live in. [An attempt to Fiction Writing.]


  1. Screams of Silence
  2. The Last Halo
  3. Autumn
  4. Blue Smoke
  5. Muse
  6. Findind Ethan I
  7. Finding Ethan II
  8. Finding Ethan III
  9. Finding Ethan IV



Everyday miracles. The World of Gratitude.

  1. Liebster Award
  2. Boatride
  3. The Small Magic
  4. Drumbeats
  5. Diwali Greetings!

Photo & GIFs: Maori Sakai


2 thoughts on “WONDERWALL

    1. Thanks so much Jia! The idea hit me when I back read some of my favorite blogger’s post. I don’t have the patience to scroll and load the oldest posts [specially that my wifi & my computer speed don’t match my attention span]. It’s not as easy as flipping pages of a book, you know. >.<

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