Little Miss Sunshine

I’ve been eating like a monster lately and I have to stop. I’m craving for sweet and salty after another and it’s not healthy. I swept my lunchbox clean today and I filled my trash bin with small golden Reese’s wrappers. And to make it sound more like a crime, I also emptied a can of Pringles. I remembered Sam telling me that, they – Indians eat for hunger and we- Filipinos eat for pleasure. I am so hating him more than that statement. Homeostatic Eating vs Hedonic Eating. I get it.

Thank God I have this blog to keep me busy and divert my raging appetite to writing. Just ignore the blueberry and caramel cheesecakes honking at me as they were stuck in the middle of the traffic. I’m already bloated and they’re still chasing me. I’m taking a re-route. Don’t tell.

Thank you Jia for nominating me for this award. I think I’ve lost the nasty cheesecakes now. Road is clear from my rearview mirror. Next time I get a craving I will immediately launch this engine.

Award accepted. Buckle up. Here we go:

1. Do words come easy to you when you start to write a blog post or book reviews?

No. I always struggle with words. When I’m super psyched though, about an idea or a story, I can easily warm them up in my head and pour them smoothly like hazelnut latte. But mostly I’m just a huge Blah.

2. How do you manage your time? reading, working, commenting, blogging and life.

Let’s just say I wound up in a job where I’m paid to look after a very special desk. And so long as the desk behaves well, I can pretty much do anything I please within its borders.

3. Do you like to travel? Sightseeing?

Are you kidding me? I don’t like it. I’m obsessed with it. Travel is a blog prompt in flesh.

4. What book are you currently reading?

None. Although I am up for an interesting memoir. So if you have any suggestions…you know where to find me. 🙂 I also like short fiction. I want something simple but tasty.

5.  Do you carry a book with you everywhere?


6. What is your favorite color?

Earth colors and Pastel. I shy away from neon. Please! But to be specific. Rose Gold. Just in case anyone plans to buy me an iphone 7 for Christmas.

7. Do you do adult coloring?

Yes. But I also love to make doodle arts [which I color after].

8. Do you go to restaurants judging by the look on the outside or friend’s recommendations?


9. What is your second favorite after reading?

I don’t read a lot. So I’m a little disoriented here… Lols.

10. Do you fall asleep while reading?

Yes. During prayer.

11. Who is your book crush?

Neil Gaiman…

Rules are the same. Thank the person nominated you and linked her page to yours. Answer the questions below. Nominate bloggers of your choice. Copy the questions or make your own.

[I made my own concoction to spice it up a little] Question for Nominees:

  1. Do you prefer to write in the morning or at night? Why?
  2. Do you prefer to write with music on or in silence? Why?
  3. What would be the title of your own Memoir?
  4. If your Memoir turned into a movie, name three actors who you would like to cast to play the big roles in your life.
  5. How do you handle your blog critiques?
  6. If there really is a muse for writing, how would yours look like?
  7. If your teenage self would read all your blogs, what do you think he/she would write on your comment box? Do you think he/she would follow?
  8. If you are a vending machine, what items except for food would you dispense and for what / how much credit?
  9. What makes up a good morning?
  10. Last thing you do before sleep.
  11. Who’s the biggest fan of your writing / blogging?

My nominees are: (No pressure. You can opt out. But if you accept the award, that will be cool.)

Sableyes – Sableyes

Jen Fabian – JFAB, Live a Curious Life

Anisa – I Accidentally ate the whole Thing

Fluffy Pool – Let’s write something every day

Athling2001 – A Writer’s Life

Margaret Shafer – Unfolding from the Fog

Ladylee – Ladylee Manila

MJ Cobra – Writer without a niche

Have Fun!


7 thoughts on “Little Miss Sunshine

  1. Wow, Jen, congratulations on another well deserved award! I admire the way you string words so beautifully and effortlessly (eventhough you say you’re Blah), and it is an honor to be nominated by you! I’ve never heard of the Sunshine Award either, so this is cool. 😊

    I’ve trying to eat more for hunger and not simply pleasure (or gluttony), but I think if there is a balance, pleasure-eating is fine. On a scientific note, if you’re craving sweets and/or chocolate, your body could be signaling to you that it needs certain vitamins and minerals.

    I recommend salads, because there is natural sugar in the lettuce. If you’re a dessert-craver after dinner, having your meal followed by a salad relieves that craving.

    Regarding all the chocolate eating, you might be short of iron. Dark chocolate (the darker you can handle, the better) is actually a greater source of iron than regular steak, but you can also have cereal, which has iron levels of 50% and higher! Served with almond milk and topped with bananas makes it more filling, and it is an overall healthier way to relieve cravings and get what your body needs. ☺❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Looks like I just found my personal dietician! Thank you so much MJ! You know so much about these things! FYI, Sam said lettuce doesn’t have much nutrients so I don’t include it in my salad ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Anyway, I will follow all these food recommendations you gave me. I got a lot of good reviews about dark chocolate too and how it also helps fight cavities and decay more than flouride! And I have not forgotten your water therapy. ^_^ Now go get your award & spread the sunshine around!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! ❤ Actually, lettuce is still pretty good for you, but spinach is better than all four lettuce groups. I don’t know if it has much natural sugar though… thank you again for the nomination!

        Liked by 1 person

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