Clues of Cleverness

October 18 Discover Challenge: Mixing Media

“Don’t we all want to be held close?” – Featuring Shanghai Tango’s amazing illustration on how he sees life in different angles. I saw this illustration and remembered the thirty years of solitude theme of my life before meeting Sam. The on and off sparks and the flat-lining of my very fragile young heart. The universe conspiracies and it’s endless mismatch. Tango’s drawings can move you if you allow it to. The physical simplicity of his artworks and the depth it conveys is just something worth posting here in my blog.

This week’s challenge is to explore new territory and push up against boundaries. [Although I didn’t feel like I’ve pushed so hard on this post. But at least I’ve tried.] Combine media to create a spark. Here’s my take on this challenge and I picked some [or all] of Tango’s best pieces.

It’s Thursday here in Dubai [our version of your regular Friday]. So Happy Thursday everyone & Enjoy your weekend!


During desperate times, out of our brokenness, we become delusional. We’ve got to listen to the experts and to the people who love us genuinely. They will make us see the things we don’t.

2d62c1b556bc729c39ce4ed0d088f599Every girl wants to be held close. Every night as she closes her eyes to sleep, she wishes it was not her own arms folded around her but someone else’s.


People who take too much alcohol becomes a little bit more like the beast in the jungle. Sometimes it’s scary that they become unrecognizable. Drink moderately.

5ae46b7eaba8b878b074cf773a8569f7We always try to fake it that when people see us first time in person, they get so confused.


We can always make our own shits useful. As I always say, God doesn’t just waste our pains and struggles. He always puts them in good use.


One day, you will be stunned on how much someone can love you.


Baths make you feel and look good about yourself.


We often only see things we want to see. Most times, we’re in denial.


Don’t be afraid to take risk. Sometimes when we hit rock bottom, that’s when we become invincible.


One day, if we keep on trying. We will get there.


Looks can be deceiving. Some great looking men are just assholes.


Greed fuels the doer to conquer the silent dreamer. World destruction is cause by too much ambition.


Just because we only have so little, we can’t be as happy.


You can achieve the same results in so many remarkable ways. Don’t limit yourself with the regular.


Physical beauty is temporary. The sun will eventually go down.


Reminds me of the first time I visited a golf course.  A huge landscape built for playing games. While somewhere, from the other side of the world, a homeless man tries to fit himself under a broken bridge.


Vanity. I do not have words for this. Except that I think Bruce Lee’s reaction would be —WTF.


We are more that just a body. We can be a million worth of words we never know existed.


Don’t confuse yourself with other people’s reflection.  You don’t have to look, sound or be like them. Move in your own rhythm to find your authentic self.


A wolf surrounded by a flock of sheep can be tamed. It’s all about good parenting and a healthy sound environment.


Be proud of your own masterpiece. No matter how small they are. You are born with a purpose. If you know your worth, no one can bring you down.



A negative person will always see the negative things. Be positive. Perhaps the world will respond to you differently if you try.


A positive person will never be lonely. He makes use of his creativity and makes sure he to have fun out of it.


Don’t be stuck dreaming. You are not a rocking horse. You have feet that can walk a thousand miles & get to where you want to be.


Don’t be judgmental. Some people are just doing their job.


What getting married may feel like.  But if you look closer, you just need to have the right ring on your finger so you won’t be miserable. Find your perfect fit.


Things are not as bad as you think they are. Take it easy.


Your life is better than a tissue roll.


If this trash bin can feel good and be proud of itself, then so can you!


God has better plans for the things we’ve lost. In this case, a hat carried by the wind turned plunger. He’s a funny weird man. Don’t ask. Just have faith.

There might be a blockage in your life that needs some clearing. Trust the plummer, He knows what he’s doing.

All illustrations belong to Shanghai Tango and were taken from public images in Pinterest. The interpretations are my own and perhaps Mr. Tango has a different take on his illustrations. I am just awed to have found his genius online.


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