October 16 Prompt: Trust

So our System Administrator goes back to me for the nth time to remind me that I should remove all my files from my old computer. The files were transferred successfully so I don’t have to worry about my old documents. I just can’t afford to delete them. What if we missed a file and we’re unable to retrieve it? I know I’m nuts – paranoid to be exact – which is why I tend to hoard stuff.

Now he calls my attention again and said he has to activate Teamviewer to create a shared folder for a few people in the Sales team. This is something requested from the higher court. The Management. I am not a very techie person so I basically don’t know anything about this craft. All I know is that when he said he’s going for lunch and I can do whatever I want with my computer [which we all know consist of blogging, reading non-work related articles, pinteresting, checking instagram photos and whatnot] I felt …. naked. It’s like changing your clothes in front of what feels like a two way mirror. Like someone’s watching my desktop right now, as I write this post….

In my defense, I have plenty of time on my watch- which is why I am blogging. You know, to make myself productive.

So if you’re out there. Whoever you are watching me.

Uhmmm… I don’t have pending jobs okay.

Please don’t fire me.


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