Diwali Greetings!

Just want to greet all the Hindu Bloggers out there, Happy Diwali! πŸ™‚

This Festival of Light is celebrated for the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and hope over despair – which I think pretty much sums up the same beliefs that encompass our individual faith regardless of religion.

Since I’m a Christian (with a Hindu husband) and know so little about the story. Here’s a little something we can all learn from.


14 thoughts on “Diwali Greetings!

      1. Yeah I realized that when I went to India last June. What matters most is the value of each story no matter how different they may seem. The good prevails, as always.


  1. Diwali was celebrated at a nearby beach last night and this morning at low tide there were still beautiful flowers bobbing in the waves, fruits on the beach and we could see coins that were tossed into the rockpools. We were also reading up about this festival on the internet this morning after our beach visit.

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