Finding Ethan

October 29 Prompt: Bridge


The clouds were heavy that afternoon. I felt a drizzle on my shoulders walking home. I found him dragging his luggage, a knapsack strapped on his shoulders, his head bent low covered with his hoodie. He saw me walking towards him but his eyes fell closely on the ground. I couldn’t afford to get near him. My feet froze from where I was standing, scared to step across the borders that enclosed him. I respected his silence and the walls he built for us. He said it was for the better. I contradicted that by creating so many bridges for us to meet halfway. But for some reason, we kept getting lost along the way unable to find each other. His walls and my bridges combined became a labyrinth, a huge garden maze that unconsciously set an immeasurable distance. Finally, I gave up the road I was fighting for. I agreed to build fences with him instead.

We stood there at the bus stop, ten steps apart for infinite minutes. Minutes that I wanted to last forever, perhaps because I wasn’t ready to let go. When the bus stopped and open its door to him, I felt my heart plucked from my chest. You will never realize it’s real and it’s happening until you finally hear the door shut and the engine roar, as if to say – your time is up.

I stared at the digital signboard at the back of the old bus that says A1 – a peculiar route I’ve never seen before. It grew smaller as it moved further away from me.  It faded slowly in the dark and took the man I love….

[to be continued…]


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