Finding Ethan (IV)

November 1 Prompt: Copycat

I braved the creepy old bus that awaits me. I guess I wanted so much to see Ethan again that no amount of madness can terrorize me. One thing I learned from Ethan is finding the courage you never know existed in times of adversity – even if it means having to fight your own battle without your partner. You need to be more stronger for the other. We’ve been through a lot of life’s wicked experiments. Zombies. Plagues. Robots. Monsters. Mistresses – which is also classified as monsters, only half human (or half-human, half-bitch according to friends). We failed, lost and won some – together. We were a team. – We used to be.

The door was ejected before me and the cigarette smoke blasted on my face, activating my rhinitis. I started sneezing non-stop as I climbed up and searched for a decent seat against all the litter.  I pushed open the window and the December wind blew over me, good enough to hush my allergies. We started moving and I started dialing again. Houses took the shapes of all the monsters in my head as I hear the danger embedded on every beep of his phone. Where are you? Pick up the phone. I fell asleep with the sound of his voicemail.

I woke up from the mist that brushed my nose. I started sneezing again. I looked back at the fogged windshield and I realized we were driving straight to the mouth of a giant sculpture tunneling to darkness. Pitch black. Fuck. Where are we?

I asked the driver to stop and pressed the button simultaneously but we kept moving. I got up and turned my mobile torch on. The road was bumpy and I had to claw my way into the driver’s seat. Where are we going? I asked knocking at the driver’s glass window. No response. My torch died.


Light shone upon me once again as we moved pass the tunnel. I looked back at the driver and found Ethan.


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