November 6 Prompt: Relish

So I’ve finally cut my hair short after several attempts since Summer that lasted six months to materialize. Although I wanted it shorter. I had it on the same level as my courage – (shoulder length) and I kinda like it.  I’ve first thought about it when I came back to Dubai after mom passed away but thought of delaying it since I just had my hair re-bonded. I mean I did not planted my ass on that styling chair for eight hours just to have my then gorgeous hair cropped [and I wasn’t really ready to do so].  Letting go is obviously not my flair if you review my background history. A bad haircut is irreversible. The worse kind of impulse you might regret falling into because of a heartbreak or a preposterous rivalry over your favorite celebrity. In my case, eyeing greenly over Selma Blair’s black shoulder length hair. But then again of course, the entire ensemble comes with a fierce face like hers – which I don’t have. And recently I’ve been drooling over Dakota Johnson’s short hair. I like it that its straight and soft in a messy carefree kinda way. My hair had always been straight but thicker than it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t move in a fluid gymnast ribbon-like motion just like in commercials. The kind that sways softly with the wind and falls gently back in perfect harmony. I mean who wakes up in bed like that looking immaculately fresh??


Without the remedy of modern hair solutions and straightening moisturizers, my hair would be nothing but a haystack. So I always had to maintain them by hair spa or rebond – whichever is necessary. In case you don’t have any idea how long it takes to get a perfect soft straight hair, it takes about seven or eight eternal hours to complete the process. A whole day spent in the salon for chemicals to do its magic. Beauty means hard work and a lot of money to some. -Which is why when I see some Instagram photos of friends, instead of saying “Wow. She’s gorgeous.” I end up blurting. “Wow. She’s expensive.” 

Now that the spectacle of the keratin is waning, my hair just basically falls flat dead on my shoulders. A version of Hemoine Granger’s broomstick strands without volume. But I don’t regret getting my hair chopped even if I failed to achieve DJ’s look from the cover and instead – ended up  looking like a school girl from Hogwarts. I feel kinda relieved and liberated. I know it’s just hair but I feel extra lighter now. I don’t have to stress myself out every morning untangling  obnoxious knots after bath. Sam doesn’t have to complain about excessive amount of fallen hair on the floor anymore. It’s easy breezy now and that’s just the way I wanted – on hair and everything else in life.

Be enthusiastic with the process – of changes & possibilities. If things can be untangled, do so. If not, cut the crap out of your life.

Let go. Be free. Welcome change. It doesn’t always hurt.


Loving this chic’s fashion as well.

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