Monday Bliss & Blues

It’s getting all hectic here in my head. I don’t even know if it was too much junk food this morning that my right shoulder hurts [I know. What’s the connection? Right?] It’s part of my weirdness to associate anything bad to my health. Or is it because of too much thinking? Anyway, I’m still thankful for this morning despite another challenging discussion with Sam about the future that lies ahead. It’s getting more scary and we know we needed some universal – spiritual conspiracy. A spark of hope would suffice for now because I’m losing it. We both are. However we needed a gigantic miracle in a place that no one we know has unraveled. Things are too bleak to handle right now. Too fragile. But we’ll keep going…

It’s been a little gloomy in our small kitchen & I really hope everyone finds something wonderful out there along the way…




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