We all have those spectacular moments in our lives where we are brought at the highest peak of rapture.  Most of the time we get too consumed waiting, counting stars by the window like idiots that we fail to realize the movement of the universe. The perfect state of gloom transitioning to the most immaculate state of bliss. A fusion of small and big dreams -exploding, expanding, compounding and radiating around us.  The funny thing is, most of the time, we have no idea it is happening.

I’ve seen it right before my very eyes. The Amazing Joy of Unfolding.

And I just wish I am closer to the so-called highest formation rate of the stars…

But for now, all I can do is watch the burning brilliant stars above me and just wait for my turn.

This photo of me was taken a year ago by a very good friend of mine, Debbie Fortes who before Apple iphone6 discovered her phenomenal hit image of the Liwa Desert, has lost her job and was unemployed for three heavy months. She has never owned a camera ever and she has lived a very difficult life with two kids to feed back home (in Philippines). Today, Debbie’s portfolio can be seen in her Instagram account and is now working as a professional photographer in one of the biggest Real Estate companies in the city. Her breathtaking Liwa Shot that changed her life has been in billboards around the world..


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