Rainbow Wall

I used to have three large illustration board filled with magic. I once was told that creating a vision (board) of what exactly you wish to have in your life can manifest through a wall of possibilities. Armed with faith and action and divine conspiracy, nothing is impossible.

Whether true or not, I enjoyed putting together all my Christmas Wishlist on that board. The Birthday presents I never had. The beautiful items on the glass window that I couldn’t afford. The Goals I failed to achieved and the ones I never even started. The adventures I never dared but wanted to try. The beautiful places I have only explored in my sleep. How I would be lost in trance when I meet the one. How we are able to spend holidays together. How warm and comforting his arms are, wrapped around me. The sound of our laughter and the great conversation that even I  -know so little about. Just speculations. Illusions. Dreams. Wonderment.

I left the boards I created back home and I am pretty much sure my dad has already dumped them somewhere. Perhaps I’d like to believe that he thought I have made all of them come true as hoped for so there was no reason for me to keep them. I had to make new ones. Which is true.

Some of those I have gathered on that wall happened. Magically. Unfolded. Right before my eyes. Answered Prayers. I wouldn’t say some did not. They did – with a little bit of a twist in the story. And as always, it’s for the better.  And if some were left unattended by the universe, I believe it’s because I deserve more than what I have asked for.

This is why I have started this category in my site, Dreamboard – in an attempt to inspire myself to create a movement in my little universe, an attempt to heal my gloom and disappointments, an attempt to breathe life to my forgotten, decaying dreams that I once had.

I wanted this to be a living inspiration of the wonderful things I want to unfold in my life. The dreams – big or small – that keeps me alive. The dreams that keep me smiling. The dreams that keep my reality more exciting. The dreams that keep my heart beating. The dreams that keep the morning fresh and the nights calm.

And I encourage you to do the same. (Just in case you have some spare time to use your creative energies on something that may grow big if planted and taken care of accordingly.)

It’s a Rainbow Wall that consist of your craziest, most absurd, most fancy, unimaginable, compelling, magnanimous, unreachable dreams OR it could sometimes be something so humbling, sometimes too small, often embarrassing and silly, but mostly heartfelt and honest to goodness simple goals you keep in your pocket.

This brilliant universe I created a few years ago, on a piece of cardboard doesn’t come with a password that opens up and materialize on your office desk the moment you contemplate on it. It remains a board. A wall. Images from all sorts of magazines. Positive words in different fonts and sizes. They don’t transform. They transform you.

It’s not physical magic. It’s more mental, emotional, and unknowingly… spiritual. 

The images and the words can speak through your soul.

In unison, they speak the language of hope.

And if you truly and honestly and deeply listen, you may have a chance of meeting all of them – NO HOLDS BAR – SKY IS THE LIMIT, with unshakable faith and fierce attitude and perpetual tenacity and chilled enthusiasm, you can find yourself surrounded by all the beautiful and amazing pastels that you have created.

It’s not unicorns and fairies and stardust that creates magic. It’s your faith.

How much of your dreams do you believe in?  Because I think that’s the amount of effort you put in every item on that wall. 

Have a little faith on your own rainbow.

You deserve it my love, after all the storms you’ve been through. ☆



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