How Big Your Brave Is

January 1, 2017 Prompt: Year

First of all. Happy New Year to you all magical people.

Wishing everyone the Best of Your Heart’s Desire this 2017.


I don’t know about you guys but it’s pretty difficult for me to go back to my regular writing routine after abandoning my blog for several days… weeks… feels like a million light years to me. I once in a while drop by to feed my blog with stories that are mostly just disoriented priming with no sense of direction whatsoever. Once I pushed play my hiatus mode, I get all fidgety bouncing back to normal. So forgive me as I need some time to warm up before I could tell stories again in CREATIVE details.

December has been a nasty mix for me. It’s made up of obnoxious and depressing cocktail of events. And I guess that’s what the entire 2016 was all about. Entirely. There were good times. Yes. But I can only easily count them in with my now 9 healthy fingers; the other one is still recovering from traumatic surgery. (I told you about it. And no offense but I was COMPREHENSIVELY disappointed with doctors around here. I should’ve went back home to Philippines to have it fixed.)

I wouldn’t say it was all bad. The sum of last year was made up of all things that made me BRAVE. Not that I’m no longer scared. I STILL AM. But having endured all those made me GRATEFUL that -they were now over and I am now a little more CALM and knowing that during those moments, I have not been ALONE. I found the kindest people that soothed the aches and hushed my anxieties to sleep.

The journey of 2016 was tolerably  hurtful in a beautiful kind of way. Some things you just have to go through to make you more of the person you want to be. Some rough routes you have to take and most of the time there are no easy way through if you’re trying to think of a SHORTCUT.

It’s an adequate way to embrace adulting completely. The inevitable Adulting – that includes Taking Big Responsibilities & Forcing Yourself to live Fiercely.


I wouldn’t say I have been Super Girl. From moving in with Sam which is a totally ridiculous idea because I never thought we would encounter SO MUCH CONFLICT and LOTS OF ARGUMENTS and discover SO MANY DIFFERENCES and BREAKING UP INNUMERABLE TIMES. And then again, losing my mother last April which was up to this day is still the hardest to recover from. And my company going down to bankruptcy that well – leads to my own bankruptcy and has affected our relationship goals completely. And then the bad surgery that I got into. There were so many things all together happening inside and outside of me that had recklessly ruined me. But all these I know where just a phase. A part of the transition process. After the BREAKDOWN comes the BREAKTHROUGH.

So here’s an all time favorite that never gets old. Sarah Bareilles’ power song.

This is for you 2016. Thank you – for helping me kick ass and brave the new world I am now part of. Cheers to the Big Changes and Transformation.




4 thoughts on “How Big Your Brave Is

  1. Hello,

    I think that you are fierce, strong and pretty darn cool. We have all faced hardship within our situations, ourselve and just plain ol life itself. I am glad that you made it through last year with all you had to deal with like the lose of your mother and relationship problems. Your stroy gives hope to those who are going through the same things you had went through. You are strong and this year is going to be a great year

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    1. Thank you D. Taylor. I’m glad you found your way here. We should always share our stories (big or small). It’s not easy to strip ourselves naked & put a part of ourselves in writing but we must keep trying. We might just touch a soul from the other side of the world. Who knows? And isn’t that the best thing? ^_* ☆

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