Best Years

So yesterday was my 34th birthday!

And the question raised to me early in the morning was.. “How does it feel?”

They said that 34 was the best year of your life. (My girl friends are bluffing just to make me feel good about aging. I know.) Ha ha ha.

Here’s what I have to say about turning 34…

I woke up with no hang ups about this day. For the longest time I was always making a fuss about how to go about my birthday. I wanted something grand. I crave for affection and attention and time and perhaps at the back of my in denial self, I wanted to be showered with gifts. That or I just wanted to create something creative and fun and exciting. Perhaps travel or hit the beach or try some exotic restaurant.

I guess I’ve outgrown this stage of longing to be the center of everyone’s attention. As if the universe owe me some dramatic entrance to this new age.

But yesterday was different. I woke up. Cook for lunch & dinner. Cleaned our room. Took an afternoon nap. Woke up around 6 and took a shower. Went for a short walk . (The weather was good. Chilled and yet warm in the inside. Whatever that means.) Waited for Sam to come.  He bought pizza to share to everyone. Flatmates sang me a birthday song. And that’s it.

I don’t feel depressed that there wasn’t anything fancy. I was content with whatever I have at the moment.

To sum up. I am good. Surprisingly.

Here’s to the better years ahead! God Bless everyone!

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