Too Many Thoughts, Too Little Time

I know. It’s been decades in my timeline since I posted something about my whereabouts.

Schedule has gone berserk and my thoughts have been running wild on different things.

What have I been doing? Where have I been? What magic has unfolded so far, lately?

I nailed a job in this amazing advertising company – which is really cool for a start, considering I have always wanted to work in media or anything close.

It was awesome. The thought of it is. But the fact that I have to start of course from the most bottom of the hierarchy without any promises of advancement could be a little bit of a drag. I mean… I told Sam before my first day kicks off, that I don’t mind serving coffee to my boss if I have to. This to some extent worked for the first few days until my fantasy of The Devil Wears Prada diminished.

I am not twenty two anymore. Come on. But then again, whatever ego I have inside has become irrelevant now knowing that on a bigger context, I got the job I wanted with better compensation and I got that chance (no matter how elusive it may seem right now) to win a more sophisticated and gratifying post in the days to come. (I don’t want to say future. Days sound better. Right?)

I have no reason to not be grateful. I have come a long way. 🦄


5 thoughts on “Too Many Thoughts, Too Little Time

  1. Days do sound better. 😊 Congratulations, Jen! It might not be your dream job now, but with perseverance you’ll do great! Be the best coffee server there ever was; not for the sake of your boss or anyone else but yourself. 👍 Best wishes, and I look forward to hearing from you again. ❤

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  2. Congratulation Jen on your new job!!! Take each day on it’s own and look for the bright spots. Look for the gratitude moments of each circumstance that comes your way. It makes life so much better. I second the encouragement that MJ Cobra gave you! It is great advice! Will be looking for posts on how it is going.

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