One Lonely Strawberry

So when the doorbell rang in the office this morning, I was surprised to find an elegant sparkling red ceramic vase with flowers, red balloons and a huge paper bag clasped carefully by a very enthusiastic delivery guy. I know it’s too cheesy to base your real life in movies but when it present itself before you fresh and all dolled up, wouldn’t you at once get dazed feeling like Katherine Heigl and Meg Ryan (in old days)?

Sadly, it’s not for me. It’s for our very pregnant Sr. Media Specialist who at that time was having lunch with the rest of the ladies. We were all wowed and we all aaaww-ed for the romantic gesture.

So when the second door bell rang, we just all burst out laughing unable to hide the inside joke that does not have to be mentioned to be understood. Ladies know what that joke is.

It goes something like... “Duh, as if I’m expecting a surprise delivery…”

We all do want that. Don’t we? We are pretty much designed the same way. Roses. Tulips. Box of chocolates. Strawberries. Balloons. Whatever it is that says, I remembered you. You are special. I spent a little extra for this you know. I went an extra mile to see you happy…

Ms. A gave me a piece of her strawberry chocolates and it tastes like heaven!
Well, at least I got a taste of someone’s happy valentines. Right?

It’s never too late though to daydream…

Advance Happy Valentines everyone! Stay Happy!


2 thoughts on “One Lonely Strawberry

  1. Happy early Valentine’s Day, Jen! I almost said Merry Christmas, haha… your posts alway remind me to find joy in every day life; you stand by your blog’s title. 😉😊💕


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