Happy Healthy Me

I’ve had colds since February. It was on and off. Panadol will ease me for two or three days and it goes back to me like a very clingy ex-lover, desperate for attention and some cuddling under the sheets. It’s so frustrating now. I’ve had runny nose every morning and the chills kept coming back. AC is adding up to my anxieties because I can’t seem to fully control the temperature at work and in the flat. I’ve been wearing casual jeans and jacket cause I really can’t afford to be in corporate dresses, blouses and skirts.

Sam made me a fruit and vegetable smoothie last night which I brought to work. I also insisted we buy Vitamin C for me so we did – even last minute he was very impatient because I was trying to be picky. I hate it when he tends to be impatient. I want the best Vitamin C for me so we ended up having a bit of an argument again- boiling down to me – being brand obsessive and him – being a miser. I really don’t like it when he becomes strict with money – considering it’s about health!

But then again he helped me a lot with household chores and all, so I’d forgotten all about before bedtime.

I so want to be Healthy!  Weather has been very weird here in Dubai. Since March it’s been drizzling every morning and a bit of harsh rain at night. It never happened before. I mean I know I’m the only sick person here I know. Three people in my car lift have heavy cough. But – I’m worried about having this colds for days… People got better eventually. I have to – too!

I will be having my medical in few days time as a requirement for my new job. I need to be clean and clear!

I’m up for green living if it’s all what it takes to be fit!

To health and happiness! ✰

 And btw, Sam’s buying me a small room heater which is really cool.


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