Remembering Ruby

This post is quiet unplanned. I was ….in fact (despite migraine and grumpiness) was planning to post something close to casual sunny and summer dresses and morning laughter. I was disheartened instead. I never expected to see her in obituaries.

I was not exactly in my elements lately since I figured it wasn’t flu I caught and that the weather has nothing to do with my colds. It was plain allergy.  I’m betting on dust mites. I had trouble breathing yesterday in the car lift on my way home. This morning I was cranky again as usual because of the runny nose and the lack of sleep. I never had fever so it was good. Really Good! Thank God! I just have to steer clear of – well ironically, our apartment. I told Sam in a breeze (because I know how he would react if I push the subject), that I wanted to stay some place else for a while. But of course that would cost us a lot since we don’t have close friends and relatives that can offer me a short staycation this weekend. Hotel prices no matter how cheap they may sound to me will always seem like gold to Sam. So NO. We purchased a de-humidifier, hoping it will resolve my issues. It was delivered this morning and he emphasized that I do not do anything to it until he comes back from work because it’s fragile. Like a seven year old kid, I was told to just open the box if I want to see it. (Rolling my eyes.) I will still take it out of the box though. (Since we’re playing house and why not act like seven if you’re treated like seven?)

So I went to work with that kind of bad hair day, (dirty ponytail is what I call it because it has so much strands falling in different directions – and baby bangs on adult is not cute anymore – just FYI.) So you can pretty much picture how disoriented I look like at the moment.

BUT I finally had a chance to write today with less work load, deadlines and email follow ups poking at my sides.

On Ruby….

I felt it coming in her last few blogs but it was too unrealistic to even imagine it could, until it did. I am not a reader like Sam. I had to admit, that if I read your blog, I must’ve either like you so much (in general) or I like your wordings. It was very important to me how a writer play with her words and concoct a tasteful story. So even if her blogs were too depressing for my taste, I always drop by to check on her.

Suffering from bipolar disorder, Ruby remained brave, wild, free and strong with all her stories. Her cleverness, sense of humor and authenticity fascinated me and kept me engaged. A storyteller with such a vibrant spirit. Straight-forward and artistic. Wild and carefree. Honest and wise.

It has been months since her last post and to be honest it always made me feel a little bit disappointed to not find anything new from her. It felt like visiting your favorite pancake house only to find it closed and you don’t have any idea as to when it will be opened again. And you sort of have that roasted honey flavored smell sitting at your collar. That kind of flavor whether sweet as milk or sour as sumac- a good writing stays with you because they made an impression, a statement, a text rich in flavor.

I find it hard to find new interesting blogs to follow. The one worth keeping. The one worth reading in your spare time. The one worth the trouble in case your boss incidentally pass by your desk and finds you busy with non-work related articles.

But I’m so glad I stumbled upon Ruby Pipes last year. She was extraordinary.

I googled her name today- instinct wise since I haven’t heard from her for quiet some time now and found a few of her old post. One was even dated back when she was 18. She was a constant contributor at Huffington Post. I honestly know so little about her except the stories she told in her blog. The ones that touched me dearly. All of them actually.

At the end of my scrolling, I found it.

Ruby Pipes Obituary. April 13, 1988 ~ January 29, 2017 (age 28).

I still can’t believe it. I was just reading her last January. I haven’t had a chance to interact with her personally but reading about her life and the few responses I had from her made it so real. Almost close to waving at a stranger in the neighborhood whose face is familiar but the name is unknown.

I just want to say thank you Ruby for sharing with us those incredible stories filled with genuine love and hope. Your words will continuously resonate among us.

This was her last post: Ruby Pipes

Reading this, I encourage everyone to hug someone you really love today. ♡


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