So from here on, I fully commit myself in completely abolishing coffee and chocolates in my everyday life. Lying. I will have to finish my very moist (not a very good word) to be followed by soft and sweet, fondant cake (or is it just my dirty mind?) – patiently waiting for me at home. Adding up to that is a set of Cadbury Cake Bars tucked under by desk. And don’t even mention Nespresso which is by the way one of my office perks (I get to decide which flavors to order and my God they taste so glorious). Who could resist the aroma of the dulsao do brasil and vivalto lungo early in the morning?

All these I need to give up in exchange of feel good work days. (I only get tempted in the office. Otherwise, I eat healthy at home.)

The excruciating discipline has a very promising heartfelt long term rewards. And that’s what I’m looking forward to.

This morning I took a very small amount of that vintage coffee and I ended up feeling so sick all over. My head started throbbing and my nose kept running again.

Taste heaven at first and feels hell in the end.

Not worth it.

Let’s start the day right.



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