Stay With Me

You’ve no idea how many times Sam and I have attempted to break up. It felt like half of those two years spent together were all about that. We would sit on our bedroom once we have composed from anger and we would talk about how we would divide the money in our savings account and how we would organize the kitchenware in separate boxes and then we would contemplate on who gets to keep the cozy blanket.

Funny but true. It ain’t easy.

Much like closing this blog.

You have invested so much and that includes the future- which ironically has not taken place yet.

But then again, every time you want to give up, you think:

There is something still workable here.


I might buy my own domain soon I guess. Re-design. Re-construct. Restart.

But I’ll stay for now…


5 thoughts on “Stay With Me

  1. You have such interesting writing jen! I know how you feel about revealing too much. I felt like sharing stories from work would be funny, but realized that it may someday incriminate me. The rest of my life was boring or


      1. But you’ve got to write the rest of the story! Keep it anonymous if you must. But you’ve got to share it. The rest of the world is waiting…


  2. I’ve been out of the reading-sphere lately (always writing though, shame on me for being unbalanced!), so the declaration of closing the blog caught me off guard. D: I backtracked into older posts and found it wasn’t so sudden. I’m glad you’re sticking around.

    Is there a way for you and Sam to spend prolonged time apart? Time and space enlightened me as to how much I love my ex (buuut I/we still screwed up). From what you’ve written, the love between you and Sam is very real and faces the trails that long-term relationships face. Ultimately you two will make the right choice, but being away from one another really helps. As for the blog, I look forward to however you move forward, and if you ever open up a donation box, I’d love to support you.

    Your blog has been a lovely read, and your writing style glows with magic. Best wishes, Jen. ❤


  3. You. are. such. a. darling. ☆

    And the words you’ve written are so infectious and uplifting! Thank you!

    Sam and I are okay. I hate him in bits but I love him in chunks. And as usual I do hope we make it.

    And yes whatever happens, I know God has prepared the best days for all of us.

    I am so proud of you standing by your ex. It’s very rare to find someone who can be friends with their exes in close proximity hahaha. Wishing them well and loving them while being aware of the new built in spaces between the two of you is never easy. But it means we’re loving them in the most generous possible way we can that we can bear all the dismal (sometimes) wounding changes. That I guess is real love.

    Anyway, I can see you happy now. Share more sunshine out there. ☆


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