Even Nastier

Since I’ve been bitching out loud lately [in my mind – because I’m naturally quiet when battling stress ] and I know it’s totally not cool and healthy, I’d like to do some damage control by focusing all my energy to something beneficial to my mental health.

What can possibly pacify me from sob fest?  Perhaps some delicious slutty dresses from our favorite vintage queen. Let’s try on some clothes. Shall we?

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Going Nasty

So I have recently finished Girl Boss and was totally inspired about Sophia Amoruso’s bad ass, street-smart training before she went “live” on her stardom. Visiting her phenomenal online shop, here are some of the items I want in my cart [given half a chance of an enormous credit in my bank account and that after strutting in the office premises with these slightly revealing dresses my company will still allow me to keep my job. Ha!]

I added a few fab pieces in this post because I’m shop-deprived (as I always claim) so here it goes!

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