Rainbow Wall

I used to have three large illustration board filled with magic. I once was told that creating a vision (board) of what exactly you wish to have in your life can manifest through a wall of possibilities. Armed with faith and action and divine conspiracy, nothing is impossible.

Whether true or not, I enjoyed putting together all my Christmas Wishlist on that board. The Birthday presents I never had. The beautiful items on the glass window that I couldn’t afford. The Goals I failed to achieved and the ones I never even started. The adventures I never dared but wanted to try. The beautiful places I have only explored in my sleep. How I would be lost in trance when I meet the one. How we are able to spend holidays together. How warm and comforting his arms are, wrapped around me. The sound of our laughter and the great conversation that even I  -know so little about. Just speculations. Illusions. Dreams. Wonderment.

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