Diwali Greetings!

Just want to greet all the Hindu Bloggers out there, Happy Diwali! ūüôā

This Festival of Light is celebrated for the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and hope over despair – which I think pretty much sums up the same beliefs that encompass our individual faith regardless of religion.

Since I’m a Christian (with a Hindu husband) and know so little about the story. Here’s a little something we can all learn from.


Little Miss Sunshine

I’ve been eating like a monster lately and I have to stop.¬†I’m craving for sweet and salty after another and it’s not healthy. I swept my lunchbox clean today and I filled my trash bin with small golden Reese’s wrappers. And to make it sound more like a crime, I also emptied a can of Pringles. I remembered Sam telling me that, they – Indians eat for hunger and we- Filipinos eat for pleasure. I am so hating him more than that statement. Homeostatic Eating vs Hedonic Eating. I get it.

Thank God I¬†have this blog to keep me busy and divert my raging appetite to writing. Just ignore the¬†blueberry and caramel cheesecakes honking at me as they were stuck in the middle of the traffic. I’m already bloated and they’re still chasing me. I’m taking a re-route. Don’t tell.

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October 7 Photo Challenge: H2O

“You can do it kid.”

It¬†took me a lot of convincing from my dad before I agreed to ride on that very small questionable boat. Since I wanted so much to see the tomato farm which was across this pond, I hopped on the boat against my will, striking out the idea of green slimy ugly frogs¬†that may possibly puffed out of¬†the dark water. I don’t like slimy cold animals. Frogs. Snakes. Lizards. Just the thought of it gives me¬†the chills.

This man whose photo I’ve taken before the ride made me feel like it’s doable. His body steady and¬†his grip on the bamboo solid. When I saw my dad climb on the small boat and started paddling with confidence, I felt relieved. I knew I was in good hands. And growing up with fertile imagination, I thought if this boat capsize any moment, I know I am able to grab the paddle and bring us both¬†on the other side of the pond.

“It’s not about our faith in other people that makes us win battles. But it’s their faith in us.”

2nd Magic:  Getting on the other side of the pond.

First Magic: Liebster Award

Home Again…

Here I am back to my world again, migraine free at last and very much excited to wrap by arms around my blog. So the¬†dreaded exam is ¬†finally over and thank God, my boss has been busy with outdoor activities that I can be more productive doing something I like – this and a new found diversion to reading. Sam thinks I should read more to improve my flaking viewpoint and knowledge on general issues and current events. Not to mention my very limited range of vocabulary that scandalously stripped itself naked in front of me during essay writing.¬†When I was asked about my stand on extreme sports during the last portion of my finals, I was completely mortified. I want to make¬†migraine as an excuse to the unexpected mental block but clearly I¬†realized how¬†short-sighted I was with these kind of topics. And despite how much I hated Sam for being his regular blunt self; his unfiltered mouth [which often times I would prefer to use only for kissing] and his barbed wired comments which I often wished he keeps to himself secured and protected so as not to hurt his overly sensitive wife, I think the guy has a point. So I’m taking his advice on this one. Perhaps it will help me nourish my awareness and grasp on other issues. In my defense though, he thinks as a lawyer so he has more complex¬†views on general issues and diverse topics. He has the tendency to explore uncharted areas. And for crying out loud, the guy inhales current events¬†and general information. So I’m not even going to¬†bother debating with him on this one. Reading is essential for writers. Point taken.

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The Small Magic

October 3 Prompt: Breakthrough

This is how I felt about this blog when I started a few months ago. I have no exact words for it. But to illustrate it graphically, this girl resembles it. A child smeared with mesmerizing hues of blues, yellows and magentas too engrossed with its diversity and vibrance. Excited. Hopeful. Euphoric. A five year old kid celebrating her first Holi.

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