BOREDroom Disclosure

September 27: Unfinished

How many times have I sat there at the conference table across the General Manager fueled by supreme emotions and clever ideas? How many times have I punctuated myself in the middle of an overlapping conversation cutting everyone off so they can hear me out loud and clear? How many times the board room was silenced because I started to speak my mind? Many. Many times – during those period when I still have high self-regard. When I was still too engaged, too involved with the project. Sure they bombard me with multiple oppositions but that was suitably fine. It meant they were listening. It meant I had a voice. It meant I stirred up awareness.

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Once Upon a Weekend

Just a few finishing touches and the weekend is almost close in drafting that very elusive twinkle on my patiently waiting eyes. I could feel the outline from my eyelids. Finally. A Twinkle. A sparkle. Something that excites me. I don’t get this very often, you know. Not these days. What I do get on a regular basis though [instead of a twinkle] are eye bags [because of Sam’s derailed schedule that affects mine. I have a suppressed violent reaction on this one.] and reflex tears [from onion vapors]. I’m dead serious. This vegie is a bitch. Whenever I’m peeling a potato, I feel sorry for it. I think about the terror it went through in Sausage Party. But onion? Give me a break. I let it bully me though since Quinn and I decided that the only reason we will allow ourselves to cry is when chopping onions. Girlfriend Guidelines 101. We shall never cry with any other reasons except Onions.

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Quinn’s Baking Routine

We have a habit of inventing words.

Words that only our circle understands.

Sometimes with origin. On most occasions non-sense.

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The Auspicious Looking Cat & Other Strange Things

Myths and superstitions say that eclipse signifies danger, upcoming war and destruction.

Are you saying there’s a terrible prolonged eclipse in Syria? Or just selfish humans destroying each other and causing innocent lives go to waste?

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Sam’s Ten

First attempt on Discover Challenge. I know. I’ve been glued to prompts lately instead of scraping the snow out of my numb and frosted flair. My genius (if there ever is) has been immobilized lately out of the office ambiance. In case I have not updated you about my job. My company has no clients. We are running a business that has no business. When they deactivated my internet connection yesterday, I complained to the IT Manager. I asked, “What do you expect me to do around here? We have no clients!” To which he replied. “Shut up and get paid.”

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