Clues of Cleverness

October 18 Discover Challenge: Mixing Media

“Don’t we all want to be held close?” – Featuring Shanghai Tango’s amazing illustration on how he sees life in different angles. I saw this illustration and remembered the thirty years of solitude theme of my life before meeting Sam. The on and off sparks and the flat-lining of my very fragile young heart. The universe conspiracies and it’s endless mismatch. Tango’s drawings can move you if you allow it to. The physical simplicity of his artworks and the depth it conveys is just something worth posting here in my blog.

This week’s challenge is to explore new territory and push up against boundaries. [Although I didn’t feel like I’ve pushed so hard on this post. But at least I’ve tried.] Combine media to create a spark. Here’s my take on this challenge and I picked some [or all] of Tango’s best pieces.

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Rae Bai: Posh Art Practice

Skimming over Rae Bai’s sketches a few weeks ago sedated me. These are the kind of artworks the I get fixated with; the kind that compels me to procrastinate for a good few hours without a pang of regret; the kind that makes me want to stay in bed and pretend that I’m not defrosting a chicken for dinner; the kind that makes my day unproductive but infectiously happy. Read More

Julie C. H. Lee: The World As I See It

I spotted Julie’s artworks a few weeks ago and I promised myself that no matter how busy I am lately I will find time to make space for her here in my blog. Even if it means quickly sticking her drawings with a chewing gum – nonchalantly – while I flash an innocent grin on the CCTV plastered at the upper corner of my office wall. Apparently, I have to be more cautious now since strict rules are slowly being implemented around here. Thank God that I’m still able to access my site. Otherwise I will go nuts.

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Megan’s World of Mini Mes

I stumbled on Megan Andrew’s drawings yesterday when I was desperately rummaging Instagram for some inspiration on yesterday’s daily prompt: miniature. Just the idea of creating a tiny version of Piglet and Alice in wonderland just made my day.  The mini – me of Disney characters were brought to life by this amazing artist. It looks pretty challenging to bargain with size and not sacrifice anything on details. But she was able to do so without a fuss.

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Cat Life in Comics

Something Clever, Something Nice

Stories of whiskers and of mice...

Since I have recently flooded my blog site with so much drama about my personal life, I want to start fresh again with something light weight. Something that we can easily digest and is good for an afternoon tea.

I spotted Chloe Romengas’ comic cat frames a few weeks ago and I just easily fell in love with Colin’s character. Colin’s uncanny chatter and straightforward visuals, with no distracting ensemble in the background is just something you need on a weekend. The exact definition of a clean slate – immortalized in drawing. Laid back. Chill out. An afternoon delight.

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The Traveling Shoes

Don’t you just wish you have a magical traveling shoes like Dorothy’s? Three clicks of the heels and off you go to Berlin or Venice?

It bums me out that I was not able to keep my promise to myself to only post some feelgood, chill out, laugh out loud, breath of fresh air, playing in the field kind of blogs. It’s way too ambitious I know. Turns out I’m human. I was going full-throttle on my good vibe goal, trying to engineer some upbeat atmosphere here and there,  painting pastels, throwing confetti and blowing bubbles on my new blog site. In short, I was going full fairy! Epic Fail. Drama queen is on the lose now and she’s unstoppable.

So to make it up to you, here are some eye candy travels I spotted around the corner that you might enjoy in case you currently are trap in an 8 -9 hour job and still banking coins on that piggy for a bad ass Euro-Tour. Read More

Release Your Inner Van Gogh

“We have all been obsessed with crayons once. You are still and will always be that seven year old kid with uncontrollable itch to draw on walls. Now is the time to bring that inner child in you. Have fun and make lots of good art.”

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